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Cristina Saralegui, the Latino Oprah, cuts ad for Barack Obama

From a press release:

CHICAGO, IL - Today Obama for America launched its next set of Spanish language television ads highlighting the President’s record on issues of particular importance to Latinos, focusing on affordable healthcare and policies which have strengthened Latino families and communities. The ads feature Cristina Saralegui, a seasoned journalist who endorsed the President this week and is recognized as one of the most influential role models in the Latino community.

In the ads, which will air in Nevada, Colorado and Florida, Saralegui highlights the President’s record on healthcare -- a record that includes making affordable coverage available for up to nine million previously uninsured Hispanics by 2014; enabling 736,000 young Hispanics to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans; strengthening Medicare so that 1.2 million Hispanic beneficiaries can receive free preventive screenings and affordable prescription drugs; and making sure that millions of Hispanics will no longer be denied insurance or charged more for insurance because of their gender or pre-existing condition. 

 Saralegui has dedicated her professional career to stressing the importance of Hispanic women and families living healthy and self-empowered lifestyles. Saralegui’s endorsement this week marked the first time that she has endorsed a presidential candidate or actively participated in a presidential campaign.  For 21 years, Cristina and "The Cristina Show" entertained, uplifted, and educated the Hispanic community in the U.S. and throughout the world.


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Juana Maria Garcia-Domenech

Courageous move by Cristina since many of her hard core fans are Cuban-Americans who traditionally vote Republican. I admire her courage because she knows exactly what she will face. A relentless and sordid attack from the Cuban American community. Thank you Cristina for speaking your heart and being who you are. About time our Cuban American community steps out of the Ronald Reagan era and starts checking other options.

Lupe Fernandez

Increible que una persona como ella le diera si apoyo al presidente mas socialista de Los EU.yo le pregunto leyo Ud la ley de reforms de salud,por que miente al decir que ahora los Latinos tend ran acceso medicos,cuando esto siempre ha existido.? Que pena Cristina que dejes a un lado los valores de la comunidad Cubana, que Dios te perdone. Lupe Fernandez.

Raquel Mencia

Jim Messina, spokesman for the reelection campaign of President Obama sounds almost on the verge of religious ecstasy in his press releases announcing that Cristina Saralegui is endorsing the campaign. Messina surely ignores who Saralegui is and has overrated her importance on influencing the Latino vote. Somebody should have informed him that Saralegui is no longer on the air for lack of ratings and that the products she endorsed have failed time and again. (Ask Kmart). Meanwhile Cristina achieves her goal to continue showing her face on TV even if it is a political campaign ad for a candidate that is not very popular with her Cuban brethren. As usual she gets away with murder...


Pobre de Cristina, si ella cree que logra algo positivo asociando su persona con el 'socialista a gritos' de Obama. Lamentablemente, ella caera mas bajo que las encuestas de sus programas. Todos sabemos que la inmensa mayoria de la 'Bimbolandia Hollywudensa' esta con el. Nada nos asombra. La mayoria la farandula se vende al mejor postor, y ella, lamentablemente, no es excepcion.


It is a shame that her family left Cuba, suposedly because a Socialist government and she chooses to support one. I guess some people would do anything to get back into the limelight. She was done out of Univision and out of televisa. Her father must be turning in his grave. Check this one out Cristina:

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