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Crist's lawyer accuses Greer of witness tampering

A lawyer for former Gov. Charlie Crist has accused former GOP Chairman Jim Greer and his lawyer of possible witness tampering.

John Morgan, the senior partner in the law firm where Crist now works, has told agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that Damon Chase, the Lake Mary lawyer who represents Greer, pressured him to have Crist change his testimony or face embarrassing personal questions. Morgan said he represents Crist.

Greer is charged with fraud, money laundering and theft of almost $200,000 from the Florida Republican Party by creating Victory Strategies, a company that billed the party for consulting work. Greer faces trial July 30 in Orlando.

Documents released late Friday by Assistant Statewide Prosecutor Michael Williams include the FDLE report documenting Morgan’s call to FDLE on May 17. The call was made a few days after Morgan said he received a call from Chase suggesting that Crist could avoid giving a deposition in the criminal case if he was willing to revise an earlier affidavit that denied knowledge of the company Greer was creating.

More here from Lucy Morgan.


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Whatever the truth is (or isn't), two things are clear:

1) one of the worst choices, if not the worst choice, Chuckles (Crist) ever made was getting involved with and sponsoring Greer, and

2) greed is not the most dangerous human motivation in politics, spite is.

Florida deserves better

Greer and Christ are two of a kind, I have a feeling everything Greer has said was true and if Christ did not have so much to hide he would not be so scared.

The sad part of all this that even with all of his many faults, Rick Scott is an even a worse governor. I pity those of us living in Florida and the kind of political leaders we have

Robert Jenkins

One merely needs to look just below the surface to see just how deep this corruption goes. Our jr. senator, is quaking in his shoes; because he too had many a dealing with Greer. Look at the Court house scandel, the "visiting" proffesor at F.I.U., after a "HUGE" amount of money was steered there. Once Greer is denied any kind of "last minute" deal; he will cause a "HUGE" amount of damage to the Republican party of Florida. Do you remeber a guy named Sansom? His testimony is already in the bank; it is said to be bad for many top GOP leaders and the Jr. senator from Florida. All this will boil over during the GOP convention in Tampa; if a deal is not struck. It's getting close to midnight, Cinderella. The Coachmen will soon turn into rats, and your glass slipper has DNA all over it!!! Who's foot will this glass slipper fit? Hmmmm. One size fits all, I assume!!!


What? Is Charlie defending himself?? I don't get it -he always told everyone else that they should never defend themselves because "the press and the stupid people have short memories" and "when you defend yourself, it only makes the story go on and on." So, is it that was only good for other people and not himself? Well, I guess once a schmuck, always a schmuck. Nice to see it coming around...


I just remembered something...Charlie had a private dinner with John Travolta at his home...hmmmmmm.

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