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Dave Weldon: Now it's me vs. Connie Mack

Sure, the GOP Senate race looks over. But former Congressman Dave Weldon says he's sticking it out now that George LeMieux quit the race. A press release:

"What is important here is that Floridians now have a clear choice between two candidates, a moderate and a conservative.  Connie Mack is the establishment’s hand picked moderate candidate who will support the status quo – while I am the conservative candidate who will stand up for Florida families and Tea Partiers who are fed up with the Washington establishment.
This is not a coronation.  This is an election.  And today’s events only amplify the need for a one on one debate. My record of balancing the federal budget, reforming the welfare system, creating massive surpluses, standing up for the unborn and traditional marriage will create a clear contrast between Connie and myself.  Floridians deserve to see my conservative record versus Connie’s record side-by-side on a debate stage."