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Dave Weldon: Now it's me vs. Connie Mack

Sure, the GOP Senate race looks over. But former Congressman Dave Weldon says he's sticking it out now that George LeMieux quit the race. A press release:

"What is important here is that Floridians now have a clear choice between two candidates, a moderate and a conservative.  Connie Mack is the establishment’s hand picked moderate candidate who will support the status quo – while I am the conservative candidate who will stand up for Florida families and Tea Partiers who are fed up with the Washington establishment.
This is not a coronation.  This is an election.  And today’s events only amplify the need for a one on one debate. My record of balancing the federal budget, reforming the welfare system, creating massive surpluses, standing up for the unborn and traditional marriage will create a clear contrast between Connie and myself.  Floridians deserve to see my conservative record versus Connie’s record side-by-side on a debate stage."


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Little Lord Cornelius will win the primary, but then get trounced by Senator 'Vanilla Pudding' Nelson.

The Republican establishment simply hasn't learned anything from Rubio's win and Scott's win ... about where voters are.

The voters want new blood, not blue blood.

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