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'Dismal' jobs report gives Mitt Romney shot at the Hispanic vote

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is out with another dual English-Spanish web ad, this one about the "dismal" jobs report that showed Hispanic unemployment rose from 10.3 to 11 percent in the past month. This is only a web ad right now, but it has the feel of TV spot (if it were cut in half to 30 seconds).

President Obama's campaign has been waging an early-and-often battle for the hearts and minds of Hispanics and will likely win the Latino vote. Obama supports the pro-immigrant DREAM Act, popular among many Hispanics, and Romney said he would've vetoed it. Obama's also trying to make Romney look extremist to Latinos when it comes to immigration. Romney has largely dropped the issue as a topic now that the GOP primary is over.

But will it be enough for Obama if Hispanics feel worse off under the president? It's not as if they'll flock to Romney. But many might stay home on Election Day. That would be a killer for Obama, who won 57 percent of the Florida Hispanic vote in 2008 (George W. Bush took 56 percent in 2004).

Romney might be making gains, or Obama might be losing support among Hispanics. Last month's Quinnipiac University poll showed Obama winning the Latino vote 42-40 over Romney. That's not enough for the Democrat. A Marist Florida poll was better news for Obama. It showed him winning the Hispanic vote 55-36 in Florida. Both polls have relatively small Latino sample sizes. So it's unclear who's right.