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Feds: Stolen Medicare money wound up in Cuban banks

In an unprecedented case, federal prosecutors have charged a Miami man with engaging in a massive money-laundering operation that moved millions stolen from the federal Medicare program into Cuban banks.

Prosecutors say Oscar Sanchez, 46, was a key leader in a group that funneled $31 million in Medicare dollars into banks in Havana — the first such case that directly traces money fleeced from the beleaguered program into the Cuban banking system.

Most of the money moved through an intricate web of foreign shell companies before ending up in Cuba, to avoid being detected in the United States, said investigators.

“We’re obviously dealing with a very sophisticated network,” said Ron Davidson, an assistant U.S. attorney, during a court hearing on Monday.

The federal investigation marks the first time prosecutors have brought a cash-for-Cuba case in the ongoing battle against Medicare fraud in South Florida, which leads the nation in dollars fleeced from taxpayers. More from Mike Sallah here.


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But the liberals tell us all is well with the great big wonderful government health care spending programs.

There are obscene amounts of waste, fraud, and abuse in both Medicare and Medicaid and most of it is being committed by American drug companies, professionals, technicians, device makers, hospitals, and on and on--all pigs fattening themselves at the trough.

In fact, there's so much general thievery going on with health care money that even Castro's commie gangsters have gotten a little piece of the action!

pedro animala

Medicare thievery happens mainly in one area, southern Florida. Coincidence?

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