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Florida firefighters back Barack Obama

So a union endorsed a Democrat. So what, right?

Well, the Florida Professional Firefighters were the only firefighter affiliate union in the country that refused to back John Kerry in 2004, partly because then Gov. Jeb Bush had helped them with pensions and his brother was on the ballot.

Now they're behind President Obama, whom they supported in 2008. The firefighters, like the police union, have historically been more likely than other government-sector unions to back Republicans. But amid Republican-led budget cuts and criticisms about pensions, the unions have little choice but to stampede to Democrats.

Also, the firefighters aren't as disorganized and feckless as, say SEIU. The question: Will the firefighters  actually put in the man hours to help with the Democrats' ground game in Florida?

The press release:

Florida Professional Firefighters President Gary Rainey released the following statement responding to Gov. Mitt Romney’s claim that we don’t need “more firemen, more policemen, more teachers,” as Romney visits Florida today.

“There’s a lot at stake in this presidential election, and last Friday, Mitt Romney once again showed us why. He said that cutting back our nation’s firefighters is going to ‘help the American people.’ But eliminating first responders on our streets is not the kind of help the American people want.”

“Yet that’s exactly what Mitt Romney has done. His record in Massachusetts shows that he vetoed more than $1 million for fire education. The vetoes were so wrong that both parties in the State House and Senate overrode them unanimously. Mitt Romney didn’t value jobs for firefighters and paramedics when he was governor of Massachusetts, and he doesn’t now.”

“It’s President Obama who has always stood by those who keep our communities safe and provide fire and emergency medical services to those in desperate situations. He’s supported hiring programs, provided safety equipment and modernized firehouses that have helped firefighters keep their jobs and stay safe. His jobs plan will keep firefighters and paramedics on the job across the country. Since President Obama has always had our back, Florida firefighters and paramedics will continue to have his back come November.”

The Florida Professional Firefighters have endorsed President Obama and Vice President Biden for re-election in 2012.


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Firefighters are still union thugs. So glad my tax dollars go to union thugs. its time to privitize fire services.




What is a 'thug'? Is a 'thug' like a 'punk' with a job? Is a 'thug' like a 'gang banger' without the colors and lingo? Is a 'union thug' different than a 'tea partier'? They both belong to a gang that works together to make things better for their members. I'll bet Brian belongs to a religious gang, a fraternal gang, maybe even a veterans gang. I'll bet Brian is a 'thug' many times over. Whasup Brian?


Redundant is a government worker who just wants another handout. You probably dont even pay taxes you lazy slob. Unions are killng state budgets and forcing cities into the red. Enough is enough.

Thats right you Democrats believe all people who believe in God are morons. Just another reason this November isnt going to go well for you.


Sarah, you go girl! BTW: regardless of what their hapless union professes, most firefighters, like the rest of us, are lighter in the wallet than we were four years ago. (Most) people aren't fools!

Tally Folly

The attacks on hard working Americans in this Country are baffling. Unions are an important part of protecting ALL worker's rights in this Country. Some of the comments attacking firefighters are unconscionable.


Dear Sarah, You are a careless name caller just like Brian. Make a point not a scene.


As a IAFF member I am sad that so many members are acting like lemmings and just following rather than doing their own research. There are more fire fighters laid of now than any other time on the last thirty years, and yet the international and other state associations feel the need to back a president who had really done nothing but destroy this country. And all the talk is about Wisconsin & Walker buy how many governors and mayors that are democrats are cutting police & fire, not paying their share of pension costs even though we pay our 10 + every two weeks, and choose not to keep up with standards of safety. St. Louis & Chicago come to mind. Lets make it very simple if the economy and business don't improve all police & fire fighters will be looking got a new career and with the real unemployment rate at 16% good luck finding a new job. Lets think before we vote. Be a leader not a follower.


Firefighter President Rainey complains that Romney says 'we don’t need “more firemen, more policemen, more teachers,”' ...

Hmmm ... well, in Florida over the next 5 years we will have fewer kids in public schools, so do we really need more teachers?

In Florida, the crime rate has gone down steadily for a couple of decades, so do we really need more cops?

(well, maybe to replace those cops who speed around and run red lights off duty)

In Florida, when was the last time a fire in an area covered by a unionized fire department went with out fire response, or a 911 call for medical emergency went without a responder showing up?

Could be we do have enough firefighters for now, too, eh?

Maybe some reporter ought to tell us how wealthy and well-paid firefighter union boss Rainey is ... and also tell us the last time he rode a truck or responded to a fire ...

Maybe neither we, nor the firefighters, really need him.


map sc

to all you negative people please do not call 911 because you do not need us , and if you hate unions move to SC for you will raise the IQ in both states

john cinque


by John S Cinque

President Harold A. Schaitberger 27 October 2010

President International Association of Firefighters

1750 New York Ave. NW

Washington DC 20006

Mr. Schaitberger,

This is my second letter to you regarding my unions political action and support of candidates. Yesterday I received our SEPT/OCT issues and to say the least I was horrified to read your letter in the beginning.

My past letter dealt with the backing of mostly liberal candidates for political office and how I felt we as a union did not have the best interests of the country in mind. The union leadership, headed by you down in Washington, continually backs liberal progressive candidates under the guise that they are our friends and they give us what we deserve. Exactly what is it that we deserve, as you say in your statement? We work in an honorable profession but it is a job none the less. Those in the public sector pay our salaries. When things are going great they dont give us a second thought, but now with very difficult times upon us, they are looking to blame someone. Our union should be standing up and saying we understand everyone is hurting and we are going to set the example to everyone that we will work hard helping everyone. That is what honorable leadership is. It means setting the example for others to follow. It is not sitting there saying, give me, give me, or this is what we deserve. Believe me; those paying our salaries are not going to say, Oh the poor fireman, they want more. You think coming out and saying, Hey guys you have an exemption from health care reform until 2016 is doing us a favor? When the federal deficit crumbles like a house of cards and the smoke clears from the mirrors, then we will get exactly what we deserve and no one in the community will care about the poor fireman.
You talk about preferring Harkin, Pelosi, and Reid because apparently they are our friends. They may be yours but they certainly are not mine. If aligning yourself with liberal, socialist progressives is what you think is the right path, I can tell you, I will be nowhere near that path. My path is the path of constitutional freedoms which will lead to prosperity. Small limited government beholden to the people, not the other way around. If you want a socialist nanny state then youre on the right path. When you say there are fundamental differences between those who work with us and those guided by a different set of principles, I could not agree more. As you state, the Tea Party is influencing the elections. Yes they are because the sleeping majority has awaken and take it from me, they have no intentions of going back to sleep. If you want our jobs and benefits gutted then keep throwing your lot in with the progressives destroying our Republic. They will be relegated to the history books and the public will remember where we stood as a union. Those without honor will die a traitors death in the end and that death will be our jobs. You call Senator DeMint a zealot and Governor Christi an oversized poster child for a reformist agenda, Shame on you. You call that leadership because I call it childish behavior? You offend the very things I hold dear. You go on to say this election is about preserving our jobs but I think you could not be more wrong. This election is about the very fabric of our country, its history, its values, and its very survival. There will be no jobs when the republic crumbles. Exactly who will be left to pay the bills when we are all equal through the delusional idea of wealth distribution? There are storm clouds on the horizon and the barometer you talk about is turning due south to a storm warning. Everything our union has accomplished throughout the years to move our profession along with safety manning and benefits will be squandered in one election cycle.
I have been a member of this union for 17 years and I do this job not because I want to be a fireman but because I am a fireman. It is the calling I chose after my service to my country. That oath I took to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States still runs through my blood. I can no longer sit by and listen to how great our union is while we continue down the path of ruin. I find our union no more respectable then the SCIU and ACORN. We continue our affiliation with the AFL-CIO even when Richard Trumka the president promotes reviving socialism as a legitimate philosophy! He travels the world promoting economic and social justice with the European socialists forum. Then on October 2nd of this year, he gives a speech in Washington DC to a crowd holding communist party signs and workers of the world unite banners. He says during his speech and I quote people who want to build a middle class economy make up a majority of Americans whose socialist voices need to be heard. We are hoping that people come together and say, were the socialist majority and we can have a different kind of country. Is this what you believe Mr. President? I find these statements repulsive and vile. In my own state of Connecticut, I receive mailings of who I need to vote for from my local, state representative union. Rosa DeLauro is endorsed because you call her a friend. Here is a woman who is a member of the Democrat socialist caucus in Washington and who also was an honored guest at the New Haven Peoples center here locally in August 2010. A group founded in 1937 and is the local hub for the states communist party. Is this what my union has to offer me, a candidate who is no stranger to communist causes? Then I see we are backing Richard when I returned from Vietnam Blumenthal. He was called the worst attorney general in the country by the Counsel for Special Projects and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. They called him a tireless crusader for the growing power of his own office. He stated himself that his goal was to shake up and reshape the way industry does business across the nation. Since when was that a role of a state official? I guess he is just a friend as you say.

I no longer call myself a proud member of the International Association of Firefighters. I hang my head in shame at the very thought of what this union has become.

John S. Cinque

Local 1205

East Haven, Connecticut

Annadella Paschal (daughter of Orris Nobles, d. 1948, Coral Gables, FL)

It seems so clear to me and many others when we research the facts behind the assertions stated in public that, by far, the (true) Democrats are the most truthful in their assertions and advertising. and that is simply fact! About 90% of Republicans and Libertarians have skewed the facts with erroneous associations and applied to false scenarios, and they also have just flat out lied and continued supporting the first mention of each lie with streaming lies following it. You who are all pumped up on the Republican bandwagon are suffering from the blinders that your Republican handlers have affixed to your brains!! You have been continuously mislead, and you want to support the team you previously swore your loyalty too. But, if you would do the research for sane logical and documented facts, and double that with feeding your brain a lot about our own U.S. history
(and it would be even better if you also read a lot of history about Native Americans, Europe, Africa, Asia, and India, and biographies about important people and how that all relates together)
you would be a completely different-thinking person.

Why don't you try that before you embarass yourself again by spewing a lot of untrue flack all over, and yes, I realize you have one or more Repub masters you want to impress anf sound real baaaaad. Okay, you sound real baaaaad! Now, don't you want to know the real story??? Also, bone up on your terminology and vocabulary - study the meanings and how to use the words properly - because your bad English is the reason i want better education for all of us (U.S.).

Annadella Paschal (daughter of Orris Nobles, d. 1948, Coral Gables, FL)

Correction: I am Annadella Paschal, granddaughter of Orris Nobles, d. 1948, Coral Gables, FL).


annadella, get of your schoolastic, philisophical high horse and vote your concience in 2012 without all the drama. by the way i don't think to many people really care who's granddaughter you are.

John Allison

Cowards who attack unions are most likely Rove Trolls , or unthinking Fox & Rush Zombies...Knee Capping Bread Winners Is Not A Family Value & Sabotaging The Recovery For Political Gain Is Tyranny , Tyrants Rule Is Anti American...

how to be a firefighter

Hey! I recently need to give a massive thumbs way up for that good information you will have right here for this write-up. We will probably be returning to the weblog for further soon.


Mr. Cinque needs to rethink his position. Since he has been a Firefighter for 17 years he obviously is unaware of the conditions over
30 years ago when I first became a Firefighter. When I first started in the fire service the pay was so low that if a FF had a family, he qualified for government aid, we had no retirement, and safety regulations were lax. In the beginning we negotiated for bunker gear and air packs! After that we got retirement and increases in wages. We had to fight for a decent living wage and safety regulations, and it wouldn't have happened if the union didn't fight for us!


Perhaps we can privatize police and fire.... Lets give the morons that can't get your order right at McDonald's a shot at protecting your property and loved ones. Enjoy watching your house burn down with the Kiddies inside or waiting for the police to decide that they want to come stop someone from raping your wife for 11 dollars an hour.

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