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FMA continues to seek repeal of hc reform because of concern for Medicare

The head of the Florida Medical Association expressed concern Thursday that the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act will "weaken Medicare" coverage and the organization will continue to work to repeal those portions of the law.

““The Florida Medical Association believes that health care system in our country should be focused on the needs of individual patients,'' said Miguel A. Machado, FMA president. "The FMA will continue to advocate for policies that increase patient access and choice, enhance the patient-physician relationship, address health care fraud, and eliminate costly regulations. 

"The Florida Medical Association remains concerned that the surviving Act weakens the Medicare program, fails to substantively address medical liability reform, and dramatically increases the regulatory burden on physicians and patients. These issues hinder access to quality health care and the FMA looks forward to working with elected officials to repeal those provisions that are harmful to our patients.”


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Can't take anymore

Why didn't the FMA long ago support extending a Medicare or Medicaid type federal program to cover all Americans below 200% of poverty? It seems curious that an organization predominated by reactionary Republican conservatives now squawks about some possible curtailment of a federal entitlement program.

Medicare vs obamacare

Why do old people think that they should have free health care through medicare but want to deny young and middle aged people health care coverage? Isn't medicare an example of age discrimination against young people? Why not call for repeal of medicare????

Joan Harmon

I think that the elderly think they are entitled to medicare so they do not worry about the younger generation at this point in time. They feel that they had to pay their dues way back when so now they should reap the benefits they paid into when they were younger. However, in reality they probably did not pay half of what the younger generation must now pay for that generation.

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