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Gaetz takes sides in open Tampa race, endorses former Sen. Tom Lee

In a statement emanating from the Republican Party of Florida, Senate President-designate Don Gaetz weighed in on one open GOP primary that was garnering some attention, the race to replace Sen. Ronda Storms. Gaetz is endorsing Tom Lee, the former Senate president from Brandon, over Rep. Rachel Burgin, also of Brandon. Retiring state Rep. Rich Glorioso, R-Plant City, announced yesterday that he will not be entering the race but will remain a candidate for Hillsborough County property appraiser.

Gaetz's statement:

"It is a special privilege for me to join with his friends and neighbors in the Tampa Bay area in endorsing Tom Lee for the Florida Senate. The unexpected departure of Senator Ronda Storms leaves her community and her district in need of strong leadership. In my view, Tom Lee is that strong leader.

"Senator Lee grew up and has spent his life in the community he seeks to represent.  He knows firsthand the struggles and successes of being a small business owner.  His beliefs reflect the conservative values and independent thinking of his neighbors.


"As a former senator and former Senate president, Tom brings solid experience and a track record of real accomplishments to Tallahassee.  He will hit the ground running at full speed with the knowledge and skill to help build Florida’s future.  Tom Lee will be a leader in the Florida Senate the moment he walks on the floor.

"Personally, I look forward to working closely with Senator Lee and relying on him for guidance and advice during my years as Senate President."


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Randall McMurphy

When Tom Lee was formerly Senate president he threatened state employees who were investigating his father for violations of the law. It figures Gaetz, elitist bully that he is, would endorse another bully.

Can't take anymore

Other than opening up access to his secret Senatoral "leadership" slush fund (funded by heavy donations from lobbyists and big business)it seems of no importance for Gaetz to endorse Tom Lee. This is clearly an insider deal and is aimed at giving him fund raising leverage as a favored future GOP influence peddler.


A Gaetz endorsement should be an automatic no vote for Tom Lee. Anyone who is politically aligned with Don Gaetz is no friend of Florida. The RPOF Leadership slush fund is a toxic waste dump to any community it infects.

joe blow

Miami Herald Update:
New incoming Florida Senate President Don Gaetz endorsed former Republican Senate President Tom Lee for an open Senate district in East Tampa.
The announcement came at SCORES STRIP CLUB in New York City.
Gaetz and Lee immediately headed to a backroom for a lapdance after the announcement.
Both men were seen exiting SCORES with a bevy of STRIPPERS where they hopped into a waiting limo.

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