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GOP newcomer Amory Bodin bashes Rep. Fresen as lobbyist pal

Former Republican Party chairman Erik Fresen won't get a pass in this year's GOP primary where accountant Amory Bodin is putting in the time -- and taking the shots -- to give Fresen a spirited challenge in the state House District 114 race.

Bodin's opening press release:

Miami, FL – June 18, 2012 – Pledging to put the interests of everyday citizens ahead of political insiders and special interests, CPA Amory Bodin has formally announced his candidacy for Florida House District 114.

In remarks delivered to a gathering of supporters, Bodin declared: “The citizens of District 114 deserve to have their interests come first, not those of political insiders, lobbyists, cronies and vote-corrupting campaign contributors of a career politician.”

Bodin seeks to oust incumbent Erik Fresen. “This is a campaign about trust and integrity. It will be a campaign of contrast,” he continued.

A father of three, Bodin told the crowd: “I’m running for office, because now more than ever, we simply can’t afford business as usual in Tallahassee. Florida is facing a hidden debt crisis that threatens to crush the hopes and dreams of our children and families. That crisis is the direct result of politicians like Erik Fresen, who prefer to hand out favors to lobbyists, political insiders and cronies than exercise fiscal discipline.”

Bodin continued: “On the campaign trail, Erik Fresen claims he is fiscally responsible. But when the voters’ backs are turned, he has repeatedly voted for tax increases, pork barrel spending, and budgets with enormous hidden deficits. Regrettably, this is entirely consistent with the trail of financial mismanagement in his personal affairs, and the false and misleading public disclosure forms he has filed to try and cover it up.”

Bodin cited his career experience as a CPA, founder of multiple businesses and CFO of two high-tech companies as critically important at a time when elected representatives are being called upon to deal with a growing web of financial crises and a continuing need for job creation and creative solutions to jump-start sustainable economic growth.

Bodin pledged to work to strengthen the quality of workforce education, eliminate unnecessary and overlapping regulations for small business, strengthen accountability for timely service from unelected government bureaucrats, and increase accountability for the financial crimes and corporate law-breaking that has crippled Florida real estate markets.

Explaining his opposition to casino gambling initiatives, Bodin noted: “Casino gambling is the ultimate fool’s gold. If there’s one thing the casino gambling con artists know how to do, it’s come into a community and separate the local people from their money. They create a short-term boost in temporary jobs, but wind up destroying local businesses, and in the long haul, leave local communities holding the bag.” Bodin continued: “They’re expert at selling false hope. The hard truth is, over the long haul, casino gambling bleeds communities of their resources and leaves them with increased crime, huge hidden costs, and massive job loss in small business.” “We need to do the tough work required to achieve real, sustainable, permanent job growth, not chase a quick-fix mirage that turns to dust and misery in a few short years.”

Bodin went on to explain his strong focus on helping small and mid-size businesses lift the economy. He noted that it is these types of businesses that account for 80% of job growth, and are the real sustainers of local economies.

As the meeting drew to a close, Bodin concluded by stressing the contrast between his opponent and himself.

“It’s clear Mr. Fresen’s knowledge and interest in financial matters consists primarily of how to work the system to give handouts to his favorite lobbyists, cronies and Tallahassee insiders.”

“While he’s spent his entire working life as a lobbyist and politician, I’ve built and grown businesses, created jobs, met payrolls, and contributed to real economic development.”

“He’s a professional politician, I’m a CPA – and I think when it comes to your tax
dollars, only one of us is truly qualified to manage them.”


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Cynical Idealist

...lol. He's not going to beat Fresen.


Even though what this challenger says is mostly true about Fresen, he doesn't understand that those same folks who benefit from their connections through Fresen are the ones who will move the voters.


I have a friend who has never been a Fresen fan, and has always said someone needs to run against him. She called me the other day and said I know Amory Bodin, I attend church with him, and I never thought I would say this but I am voting for Fresen.

Bodin does not have a prayer of winning this election.


Hidden debt crisis? Looks like this guy went on every website of every successful republican tea party congressional candidate and took their messaging and talking points and applied it to a Tallahassee race. What this guy doesn't realize is that it takes 2 things to win a state house race. 1 hard work and 2 Money. He may have the hard work but according ro his reports, he doesn't have the money.

Proud Niece

Amory is my uncle, and I am so proud of him for running. Like one poster said, it's difficult to win a state house race without money. I encourage you to read through his website, attend a speech, and ask him questions. And if you think he can do a good job (I do!), then step up and help support his campaign. There are lots of ways to help. Yes, writing a check is great, but educating and encouraging voters is what counts come election day!

Pedro A Delgado

I have read some of the comments above and it is obvious that integrity does not count much for many of them.

Mr Fresen's record (public and personal) leaves a lot to be desired and compared to Bodin's is abysmal.

If we want to get our County into the road of honesty and proper functioning on spite of the present chaotic economic situation, we better elect people that have a clean past and proven applied expertise on financial matters like Mr Bodin.


Well folks, if you're at all serious about getting some integrity and accountability back into politics, this is your chance. Instead of carping about how "unbeatable" Fresen is, or that he has too much money, why not take a little of your time and look at his background, then compare it to Amory.
Fresen's not the devil, but he is a career-politician with some pretty hefty lobbyist connections. A lot of that money in his campaign account came from the casino people, and he has been carefully cultivating his political connections since college. Remember a couple weeks ago when he was suddenly going to run for the Senate instead of his House seat? Why do you think he was even looking at the senate? Why did he decide to abandon that, and stick with the House? This has all been agreed to and decided by the “usual suspects.” Fresen is a part of the “system.” He is symptomatic of insider Republicans, who are more about themselves and their political careers than representing us. If you are tired of that system, here is your chance.


Is that you, Holian? Grinding your personal axe with Amory in a venue like this is exactly your style. No substance, just a vague, personal attack made anonymously in a public place. Typical.
Anyone who knows you knows what you’re really all about. And if they know Amory too, they know how full of BS you are.

joe blow

Fresen AKA "Little Lord Fauntleroy" is just another crooked cuban repiggie out to fleece the taxpayer.
problem is here in the banana republic known as Myami, the crazy Cubans will keep voting for these corrupt R buffoons again and again.
they would vote for Fidel himself if he were running and had a R next to his name!
they don't call it FloriDUH for nothing folks!



My name is Maria, I have no idea who Holian is. The woman who made those statement is a prominent member of this community who attends his church, so obviously Holian is not the only person who does think highly of Amory Bodin.

David Crespo

I got the chance to meet Amory, and I am joyful to say that we need to send this constitutional and fiscal conservative in Tallahassee and fix the hidden problems we have in our state government. We have too many politicians who care about stuffing their pockets while Florida is hanging in the thread from the state debt we have accumilated, and Fresen is part of the problem. Equally important, the Casino lobbyist have invested on Erik Fresen and are trying to expand their dirty business at the expense of the well being of our community. We must remove this casino lackey and elect a statesman who has never been a a politician and and cares about the next generation.


Still no substyance I see. So if I understand correctly, you are here opining that nobody should vote for Amory Bodin because you know someone who goes to his church, who doesn't like him? That's what you bring us?
I also know a large number of members of his church, including the ones who "don't like him." I also know why. And I also know many more, including some very prominent members of the community who do like him very much. And let's just say that the ones who don't like him did not come to that opinion because of questions about his honesty and integrity. There are factions in all organizations, including churches, and sometimes those factions have self-serving interests that put them at odds with other members of the group.
What I find interesting is, based on nothing more than a second-hand opinion, you take the time to post here, implying that Amory is a bad guy. Hopefully you begin to see why I doubt your story.

Carmen Gutierrez

I am a Cuban born American citizen, and my vote goes to Mr Bodin. I attended a breakfast with Mr Bodin and some friends at Allen's Drug Store a couple of week ends ago, and I am convinced that the man is genuine. His track record of experience and honesty in the business world makes him the man we need in Tallahassee. I am voting for him, even if he were a Democ rat. No pun intended!


I am tired of politics as usual. It is time for a change in Tallahassee. Sadly, my representative, Erik Fresen has sold out to the big game lobbyist and we all know that Gambling is Bad news. The only one who benefits is the Big Game Lobbyists, leaving Floridians holding the bag. We need a change in Tallahasee and the time is now. Support me in Voting for Amory Bodin.



fresen needs to go - no one could be worse than him.......no one.


Go Amory go! Hang in there. Rubio should have never won either, but he did. Fresen, while maybe not a RINO (as viewed from the Left/Right debate), he IS one of those opportunist lackey republicans that is just as detestable. In it only for himself! His dedicated fornication with foreign owned big gambling casino developers planning to hoodwink short sighted Dade "leaders?" and voters during recent session shows his true colors. With gambling, all we get is further undermining of the community's quality of life and the addition of nothing substantive. As a trained "land use consultant", what more should we have expected from Rep. FRESEN? I've met Mr. Bodin. Check out his website: http://votebodin.com/ As a CPA and businessman, Amory will do far better to represent my and my family's needs than what FRESEN has shown himself able to do. Go Amory go!


Maybe Fresen should have checked with his constituents before he embarked on a failed quest to make Miami the Las Vegas cesspool of the future. http://ericfresen.com


If the rumors are correct that Gentin, the casino people, are behind getting elected the three candidates running against the Republican incumbents as well as Rep. Fresen, then let the people speak and tell them NO. Casinos will be a disgrace to our community, if these candidates are selling themselves, then I repeat let the people speak and say NO again.

James P.

If Mr. Fresen represents his constituents the way I've heard he represented the REC when he was Chairman for a short time, my condolences to those that vote for him.


Fresen's left pocket is lined with Casino $, and his right pocket is lined with Charter School $. He has to go!

Pedro Ramis

I have know Amory for about 20 years having worked with him in business and on several project and he is the real deal. He is one of the most honest and hard working individuals whom I have ever had the pleasure to work with and coupled with his business knowledge and talent, Amory's campaign is a reminder of what our country was founded on, that one great individual in the right place and at the right time can make a difference for us all.

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