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Gov. Scott says Florida will not implement with 'Obamacare'

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said that he will not support implementing federal health care reform in Florida, making up his mind roughly 36 hours after the Supreme Court ruling to uphold to law.

"We're not going to implement Obamacare in Florida," Scott told Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren late Friday night. "We're not going to expand Medicaid because we're going to do the right thing. We're not going to do the exchange."

As late as Friday afternoon, Scott was telling Florida media that he had not yet made up his mind about whether or not to implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. But he continued to pan the law, which he opposed even before he was elected. And he said the Medicaid program as it exists now is already too costly.

Because the Legislature sets the budget, it will ultimately decide whether or not to allocate money to implement provisions of the law. So far, leaders of the Republican-controlled House and Senate have not said whether or not they agree with Scott.



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David Martin

It's no surprise, but I thought the governor would take a week to carefully review the decision and to consult with leaders in the legislature, just as he did with the high speed rail project.

This looks like a disaster for hospitals in the Miami area, to judge from a current Herald story.


Well, you know, at least a day is needed for his pollster to run a quicky poll to see what he ought to do ... according to the majority of citizens polled.


It will not live up to the estimates as planned. The biggest hole in this care plan as I see it right now.

- YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THE INSURANCE! Just pay the penalty! It is and will be initially way cheaper than the other alternatives. But then you ask but I won't have insurance? That's the best part - pre existing conditions have to be accepted!! Thus just wait until you actually need it!

- So now ask what happens when the insurance companys don't get the break even numbers they need to make this system work properly??

- The system/plan is so severely flawed as it currently stands. It only addresses part of the front end but little in the middle or the back end. Doctors are going to get squeezed excessively here. I don't see how Doctors getting whip sawed will want to stay or enter the profession? I don't see tax breaks for living a healthy life? I don't see taxes on the items and things that are unhealthy choices? I don't see our schools with a new emphasis on phys ed? Excercise education. I wonder what the costs saved for reducing phys ed is against the health costs of our ever increasing sedate, overweight video gaming children will be?

- This plan is so poorly single sighted and does not address so many of the bigger issues.... government extortion at its best! The fleecing of the American people continues! We have a severe money spending addict on our hands and it's nonpartisan!

joe blow

LURCH Scott had to wait for his handlers (the KOCH Brothers) to tell him what to do.
Now it's time for IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS to begin!

Can't take anymore

Scott, and his mascot Pam Bondi, are probably conspiring with the several other Tea Bagggger governors about their planned secession from the Union. The results will certainly be no different than they were when it last happened in 1861. A little federal marshal law might just be the thing to clean out the crooked politicians and lobbyists in Tallahassee and those other state capitals that are contemplating a Teabaggger rebellion.

A realist

I agre with Gov. Scott, he's trying to save $$, not go further into debt, something the WH should be doing... Interesting how the liberals are now trying to suggest HC insurance is a penalty, contrary to the Supreme Court's ruling that it was a TAX.

Fed Up

So if you make 16000 which is a few grand just above the poverty limit and don't pay the 500 a month for health insurance, then you have to pay a 2 1/2 per cent penalty at 4,000. Which brings you to 12,000 which is a few hundred dollars over the poverty line.
So let's see, with high car insurance, house insurance and taxes. I don't have a fancy phone, I'm still on dial up.... I wonder if he'll feed me. If i have my facts straight on how this is supposed to work. It seems to me it's for the young. With the economy the way it is can't even find a decent job, those hiring make sure you work part time so they don't have to pay benefits.
I get social security but am way too young for medicare, I have 5 years before that, and it will cost me big bucks for what they consider federally approved insurance. I will lose my house.


I see it differently. The state will be overrun with personal bankruptcies if he takes this action and the hospitals will be wrecked. By waiting until the election he is leaving no room to implement a plan within the time frame set out by Congress. This in turn will lead to a federal government take over and administration of the program.

His failure to act will result in legal actions being taken against the state and he will find him self on the receiving end.

He has a simplistic view of what will happen and it appears he seeks no counsel but his own. His idea is the equivalent of bending over and grabbing your ass to avoid an atomic bomb blast.

Fed Up

Maybe if Obama wanted to do something like this, he should start with say 50 and younger. Those of us that paid for medicare all our lives should get something. We that have worked and supported the system should be grandfathered in and allowed a choice. Or give me all my money back and I'll use it to pay my penalties.


I doubt he's the only one, other states will follow!

PEter Schorsch

Will SCOTUS’s Obamacare ruling be THE issue in Crist/Sink vs. Scott in 2014.



Fed Up, you will be getting something - the Medicare and Medicaid you paid for. It isn't going anywhere.

You do understand the ACA, right? It doesn't do away with Medicare or Medicaid, nor does it do away with any insurance you currently have.

Fed Up

I thought it was federally approved insurance. I was going to let the insurance go once I left my job and wait for medicare to kick in 3 years after that.


funny, most of the "state" requirements don't come into effect until 2014...nice how he gets all blustery on Fox and takes a stand when it doesn't matter...
this is why nobody likes him, he's an idiot


So next he is going to secede from the union? Who voted for this moron? I guess refusing to take millions in new Medicaid benefits for people who deserve health care is okay as long as the state is paying for his health insurance.

David Kearns

Should the governor fail to impliment federal law in his state he becomes a lawbreaker. This is grounds for immediate impeachment. Which should have happened as soon as we discovered the rigged election which brought him into office, and should have happened when he destroyed public records, and should have happened when he attempted to intimidate and confuse voters toward their disenfranchisement - doubly so in that he broke civil righs laws in descriminating based on race. If the governor doesn't want to implement federal law he should be impeached for breaking federal law. The U.S. Department of Justice should intervene of course. If he and all those following him won't vacate their positions, I should think the National Guard would do just fine to come in and physically remove him. We must insist that laws are enforced. A law unenforced is no law at all.


I dont hear much said about the 80% rule for insurers, maybe because no one knows how much impact it will have. This could go a long way in lowering health insurance cost.

The medical loss ratio, as the rule is known, is already in place and has led to companies receiving rebate checks. In California this month, 4,400 companies received $3.5 million in refunds from insurance company UnitedHealth.

I withhold any judgement of ACA because I dont know enough about it except it has a few huge flaws. But I do understand that it is a step towards a single payer program

Randall McMurphy

Once again, Rick Scott proves himself a LIAR who will say and do what he pleases with no regard for the law. Hey, Gov, why is it that you never mention that one of the big reasons health care costs--in particular government health care programs--go up is because of the individuals and companies, like YOU and COLUMBIA HCA, that DEFRAUD the providers? Too close to home, Rick?

I did not vote for him

When Florida gets sued for not implementing the law and we have to spend millions of dollars defending Scott's strategy who is going to pay for it? Unfortunately it will be the tax payers who are on the hook for Scott's decisions, I say if this idiot's decisions cost the state money let him pay for out of his pocket.

Arelis Jones

Can the governor decide simply no to implement a Federal Law? Then what's the purpose of having a President? We should be only ruled by state laws and be not only the most mocked State of the Union, the first one to be declare independent from the Federal Goverment.
What happen to people like me and my family, we all think is a wonderful ground breaking new law, with a lot of issues but certainly better than the health care system we got now.
I can't wait to see how Mr. Scott will handle this.
Politic, special interests and

Tally Folly

Should we be surprised that this evil millionaire who makes his money off of people with no health insurance would stand in the way of implementing this?
He is the personification of GREED and what is wrong with politics on the right.


the irony of his actions - he doesn't give a whit about florida residents but he makes sure he's covered - he and his wife pay a total premium of $400 per year in state subsidized healthcare - how much more hypocritical can one be?


lets not forget that this guy "won?" his office by less than 1% of the vote with less than 59% of those eligible to, voting. hardly a mandate. Especially if you also consider that 18000 provisionary ballots weren't even counted.
As for the health care bill. medicaid expansion is paid in full by the feds the first 3 years. After that the feds pay for 95%. This is like Scott dumping the rail program so Obama couldn't get credit for something good. Pure politics while his constituents (Florida voters, not the Koch brothers) get less than zip.


Excuse me. I made a mistake in last post. Less than 50% not 59% voted.

Lillian Lima

When Gov. Scott says Florida will not implement with 'Obamacare', that is a very misleading statement, if not an outright lie...

Why you ask?

Because Florida is currently using Obamacare dollars to fund Community Health Centers throughout the state. This is why and how Gov. Scott was able to close the Department of Health clinics throughout the state.

Now the next question to ask is, is Gov. Scott somehow tied to the Community Health Centers?

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