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Liberals start bashing Rick Scott's response to DOJ's voter-purge demand

Rick Scott's refusal to end a noncitizen voter purge drew a few liberal rebukes.

Progress Florida: ST. PETERSBURG – Progress Florida executive director Mark Ferrulo made the following statement in response to Gov. Rick Scott Administration’s letter that he will continue purging registered voters from Florida’s rolls despite the Department of Justice calling for the purge to stop:

“It’s now crystal clear that Floridians can't trust their own governor to protect our most fundamental democratic right, the right to vote. Scott’s action today means that Floridians must rely upon the Department of Justice, our County Supervisors of Elections, and if necessary the courts, to protect the fairness of our elections.

“Today’s announcement confirms what many of us already suspected: that Rick Scott will stop at nothing to continue the GOP’s disgraceful legacy of disenfranchising voters in Florida. The fact that Gov. Scott is using the nearly nonexistent threat of voter fraud as an excuse to continue his dragnet voter purge reveals his true intention to rig the 2012 election. We call on the Department of Justice to launch an immediate investigation into Gov. Scott’s disgraceful attempt to purge eligible Florida voters, particularly Hispanic and African American U.S. citizens, from the voting rolls.”

Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton: "In his response to the Department of Justice, Governor Scott doubles down on the verifiably false assertion that Florida’s elections are at risk of being ‘diluted’ by voter fraud and blatantly ignores the thousands of legitimate voters targeted by his voter purge. It is time for the Governor of Florida to stop blaming the Department of Homeland Security for his own Administration’s violation of federal voter protection laws. Attempting to blame the Administration for his decision to proceed with this illegal purge that will strip eligible voters of their right to vote is politics at its worst. Stripping the right to vote from United States citizens is the real threat to the integrity of our elections, and that is precisely what Governor Scott’s plan will do."

As more and more Floridians find their voting rights in jeopardy, Congressman Ted Deutch has led an effort to bring national attention to a voter purge plagued by a lack of transparency, accuracy, and legal authority. Last week, after meeting with a decorated World War II veteran wrongly targeted by the purge, Congressman Deutch submitted a public records request for all communications related to the purge and the Scott Administration's concerns over supposed voter fraud.

The Brennan Center:

Florida’s Secretary of State announced today that the state will not suspend its voter purging efforts, despite a warning from the Department of Justice that it may violate federal law. The Brennan Center released the following statement:

“We are disappointed with Secretary of State Detzner’s decision to press forward with this misguided voter purge. The state’s planned purge, so close to the election, opens the door to errors, confusion, and the removal of eligible voters,” said Wendy Weiser, Director of the Democracy Program. “The Department of Justice was correct in raising a concern about this process.  The Sunshine State cannot continue to operate its election process in darkness.”

“Fortunately, many local election administrators have indicated they will not carry out the state’s plan. The opportunity for errors when conducting massive voter purges makes it imperative that purge practices be transparent, accurate, and carried out well in advance of an election. Only then can mistakes be corrected in time for a voter to cast a ballot that will count,” added Democracy Senior Counsel Myrna Pérez. “Consistent and uniform implementation of best practices will go a long way in ensuring that eligible voters are not thrown off the rolls by a stroke of the keyboard.”

 For more information on Florida’s voter purge, read this blog post from Brennan Center Senior Counsel Myrna Pérez.


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John Starkweather

Scott is setting up a tremendous lawsuit if he proceeds. There is no way to accept them as responsible enough to do it correctly, as evidenced by the one single story about the WW2 vet. They should certainly be reviewing what they have, but purging rolls must be non partisan combination of actions, positively must have oversight. Scott has problems with Sunshine laws, and dead people on the roles doesn't mean squat.


Actually, regarding the dear old WWII vet, it was good for the rest of us citizens to learn that he was still alive and voting as he think best, rather than having his identity stolen after he might have passed on and have some miscreant fraudulently voting in his place.

But why don't we have more reporting on the questionable registered voters and why the supervisors of election are having a hard time finding many of them ... folks who may well have voted in our last election?

Oh yeah, that's right, the press is generally four-square with and behind the leftists agenda. That would explain why their editors won't let their reporters look seriously into where those voters have gone (assuming they haven't actually passed on).


and its just by sheer coincedence that most of the voters purged or that they have attempted to purge are registered Democrat, most likely not to vote for the current governor, or republican cohorts...just coincendence you understand...


Posted by "whasup"

"it was good for the rest of us citizens to learn that he was still alive and voting as he think best, rather than having his identity stolen after he might have passed on and have some miscreant fraudulently voting in his place."

This is among the most asinine things I have ever heard. Right wingers keep talking about things like this, but NOBODY can produce any evidence that it has ever happened. Honestly, who is going to go through the trouble of assuming a dead man's identity in order to cast a single vote? This isn't Chicago in the '60s where things like that were done by officials behind closed doors. This clown asserts that some evil liberal is just salivating at the chance to cast one extra Obama vote when his neighbor croaks. The right is such a paranoid lot, that it is exceedingly easy to sell them on a curtailment of liberty such as this. They are sad, pathetic, and easy to frighten. If a Democrat governor was doing this to white voters, you'd hear the howls from two states over, which leads me to also label them as hypocrites.

The right loves to strip people of their rights and liberties, because they think that they won't be next on the list of victims. This notion is both juvenile and incorrect.

For a bunch of malcontents who are always whining about the overreach and oppressive nature of government, it's absolutely stunning (but not surprising) to see them so absolutely silent on this issue. Again, it's because they think that they are excluded from harm because "It's our guy" and he's going after "those evil liberals".

I can't wait to hear about the next Republican to get caught up in this purge, and how he/she said absolutely squat about this until they were targeted.

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