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Soros-funded MoveOn targets Florida's noncitizen voter purge with TV ad

The liberal group MoveOn, funded by liberal sugar daddy George Soros (the conservative version of the Koch Brothers) says it's going to air an ad condemning Gov. Rick Scott's noncitizen voter purge, which it's trying to link to Mitt Romney.

The ad continues what appears to be the over-the-top claim that the purge is "racist" -- which suggests the decision to clean the rolls is motivated by bigotry. There's really not much evidence for that. Noncitizens are not supposed to be registered to vote, and some are. But 87 percent of those identified as potential noncitizens are minorities. However, when you hunt for noncitizen voters, you will target immigrants. And immigrants in Florida are overwhelmingly Hispanic and, to a lesser degree, Haitian (and therefore black). Is that racist?

While the spot might be a good way to fire up some minority voters, there's a chance it could backfire as well. Floridians overwhelmingly back the effort to remove noncitizens from the voter rolls, according to a Quinnipiac University poll this week that showed 60% favored it and 35% opposed it.

There are flaws with the program, though. And it has largely been halted thanks to three federal lawsuits.

The ad buy appears relatively small (2,000 points) and targeted to the Tallahassee media market.


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Why do Liberals always support illegal activity? They continuously degrade the Democratic Party by supporting and attempting to justify criminal behavior.

Foreigners do not have a right to vote and to dilute the votes of American citizens, if foreigners want to be part of our election process it's easy enough to apply and become a US citizen, that's the first step in proving they can obey the laws of the land and contribute to the country.


What can possibly be wrong with cleaning up the voter lists to make sure that only those people vote who are US Citizens and entitled to vote???

Brenden Rendo

the ad is a nothing but a lie....it is not illegal...it is actually following the law...

Carlos S.

I agree that an effort to ensure that only citizens are registered to vote is desirable. But we should at least expect that the data used to create this list are reliable.

We saw what happened in the 2000 Presidential Election when the massive effort to purge voters resulted in thousands of African American eligible voters losing their vote. With this embarrassing episode, we would think that our elected officials would be more careful about their purging approach. But they are not, because their actions are politically motivated.


MoveOn is not a Soros funded organization. This is repeatedly brought and it's an urban myth that is perpetrated by lesser journalists like yourself. MoveOn is not a Super PAC, it's funded by its members. PAC records on all kept transparent and are online. Write an article about that.

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