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MoveOn targets Rick Scott's office in voter-purge controversy

The liberal group MoveOn is blasting out an email today urging its members to contact Gov. Rick Scott's office to pressure him to stop a noncitizen voter purge. Here's a partial text of the email:

Dear MoveOn member,

We have just 24 hours to make sure Governor Rick Scott stops his all-out assault on Florida's Latino voters. It's the worst attack on voting rights in the country. 

Florida's Division of Elections is challenging the citizenship of over 180,000 voters based on bad information.1 If voters don't respond to the challenge in time, their names will be erased from the voter roll. The media has already exposed the purge as hopelessly flawed, wrongly accusing many people who are citizens—including nearly 400 voters in Miami-Dade county alone.2

And of course, more than half of the targeted voters are Latino—the group least likely to get challenged were white Republicans.3 This is overt and illegal racial bias.

That's why the Department of Justice told the Florida Secretary of State that the program is in violation of two federal laws and to demanded that it be stopped. Governor Scott is required to respond by tomorrow—and so far he is refusing to comply.4

We have to stop Governor Scott today—he is embarrassing Florida and corrupting the electoral process. His reckless acts have local and national implications. So let's ring his office's phones off the hook until he stops his racially-targeted attack on voting rights.

Will you call Gov. Scott right now? Tell him, "Stop illegally purging Florida voters."

Here's where to call.

Governor Rick Scott:
(850) 488-7146