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Obama campaign ramps up South Florida Jewish outreach with Lew visit

President Obama's chief of staff, Jack Lew, is in South Florida today to participate in the campaign’s Jewish community outreach, the campaign says: "Lew, an observant Jew who is actively involved in his own community, will speak to participants about how to turn out Jewish voters in their respective neighborhoods through the campaign’s Jewish Community Leadership Council program. Lew will also speak about the President's staunch support for Israel and other domestic issues important to him personally and to the Jewish community."


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harry l.

To my Jewish Brothers and Sisters in Florida and everywhere else...Don't buy the Bovine fecal effluvia Mr. Obama is sending your way in the personage of Mr. Lew. This administration is the most anti Israeli since James Earl Carter. Too many times has this President released statements and made suggestions that are contrary to Israeli interests. You are being smoozed only because he needs the support of the Jewish community especially in Florida. Obama is NOT a friend of Israel and you should not support hm in any way. Don't be like the Jews in 1920's Germany that thought some guy by the name of Adolph was working to better the Fatherland. We know how that turned out.


Shame on you for comparing our President to Hitler. And shame on you for spreading lies. This President has set the tone for the entire international community to sanction Iran rather than go it alone. Israel has received more funds from this administration and more one to one meeting with Israeli leaders than any other. You should be ashamed!

M Schikman

I always get nervous when someone uses the Nazis in an American context-However, the point that Harry makes is a fair one! When African American friends of mine says someone is a racist-they tell me they can smell one-When someone asks me if someone is Anti-Israel it is actually easier- Just look what he does and says to Israeli politicians or Jews themselves.
If by his actions of his presidency are not enough to convince even the most mindless of pro_Israel person, Jew or not,that Barack Hussein Obama does not care for Israel-then the analogy to the pre-Holocaust Germany is a fair one!My father z'l was a survivor and would tell me stories of the many jews who thought that Germany needed a man like AH to lead the Fatherland.

I wish this was otherwise but it is not- The comparisons to Jimmy Carter are correct and I truly believe that after he leaves office,hopefully in January 2013,-Obama will make Jimmy Carter sound like Golda Meir-

Not to mention that the man is clever but like Carter,basically incompetant-


As a liberal Jewish Obama voter I am very happy with his stands on health care and gay marriage but as a Jew , I remember that Obama really has put Israel under the bus.
He changed the policy of previous administrations that the borders were subject to negotiations and that Israel would get new borders and not have to go back to the 67 borders ( including the Western Wall and the settlement blocks ) to withdrawal from all the territories.
This takes away Israel's most important card in negotiations.So if he does that why would I believe he would bomb Iran when it gets the nuclear bomb?


I see that some of my fellow Jews are misinformed on the facts: President Obama has raised our Israeli Security assistance to unprecedented levels! President Obama has sent record levels of security assistance to Israel and has increased the amount requested each year since taking office. In FY2013, President Obama requested $3.1 billion—the largest security assistance package to Israel ever—to maintain Israel’s qualitative military edge and has armed Israel with the most advanced military hardware and missile defense systems. How can anyone state that he is Anti-Israel, when the facts do not support that statement?

William Berman

The vehement comments of some of my fellow Jews are depressing. Obama is friend of Israel but not a member of Netanyahu's right wing coalition. When he mentioned the 67 borders he also said"with land swaps",which has been the position of all U.S. administrations.The president has backed Israel militarily to unprecedented heights,blocked the Palestinian bid for statehood at the U.N. and saved the Israeli ambassador in Cairo from a near lynching. Yet, to some nothing seems good enough. Do I smell racism here?

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