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Obama's new FL ad targets women voters

From Obama for America, which says it's running this 30-second spot in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia.


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Robert Jenkins

I, as a long time Republican can honestly say; the G.O.P. has lost it's collective way. I believe at last count (in republican held legislatures) over 900 reproductive bills have been introduced. How many of thier promise of jobs, jobs, jobs, have they simutaniusly introduced? Still trying to find out; so far less than 25. "If" the G.O.P. can't work with this President; I believe they will lose control of the house. After all this President seems very accomplished at supporting the nuiances of the majority of Americans. When flaming liberal's like Jeb Bush, Sen McCain,and a host of other proclaimed conservatives; speak out against the "new" G.O.P., you've got serious problems to deal with!!! I saw the N.R.A. Lapeiere guy saying that if President Obama is re-elected; he will take your guns. Even though "no" such bills have been introduced; he is sure it'a a clever conspiracy, to lull the electorate to sleep? Just imagine the antipsycotic drugs one would have to take to believe this crap. I believe the G,O,P, will lose the House, lose two to four seats in the Senate, and President Obama wins re-election. Not to worry conservatives; the G.O.P. still has the bought and paid for Supreme Court; for now!!!

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