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PolitiFact Florida: Chris Matthews misses on 48-hr deadline for voter applications

Count MSNBC’s Chris Matthews among those who think a new voting law passed in Florida in 2011 is bad public policy.

On his show Hardball, Matthews discussed the law -- in particular, a requirement that voter registration groups return signed applications within 48 hours or face fines -- with Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry and Judith Browne-Dianis, co-director of a civil rights group called the Advancement Project.

Matthews and his guests were discussing federal Judge Robert Hinkle’s May 31, 2012, decision to deem the 48-hour rule unconstitutional. In his ruling, Hinkle said the Legislature’s restrictions have made it "risky business" for third-party groups to register new voters.

"He said -- quote -- ‘If the goal is to discourage voter registration drives, and thus also to make it harder for new voters to register, this may work. Otherwise, there is little reason for such a requirement’," Matthews said, quoting Hinkle.

From there, Matthews dressed down Curry, saying the law makes it impossible in some cases for voter registration groups to meet that deadline.

Read our fact-check here.


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Tally Folly

While there may be an exception to turn in registration applications if the appropriate office is closed for that 48-hour period, Republicans are still making it harder for those who have not registered before, often young and poor people (who vote more democratic) to VOTE. Add that to the litany of other measures Republicans have instituted in Florida to suppress the vote and it is justifiable outrage against Republicans who seek to maintain status quo for those who are more affluent.


I just read a post about Glenn Beck and the Faith and Freedom Coalition, that says this "group" has "pre-qualified 1.6 million voters, my question, and concern is, how are they keeping to the 48 hours rule, with numbers like that?, so what's going on here is that these republican get out the vote registration groups are doing is NOT playing by the rules they set for other political groups, that's treasonous...also, using the Sunday pulpit to register voters, or influence voting habits, is another thing I find disgusting, but it happens every week, in most Churches, we're DOOMED!

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