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President Obama calls Gov. Rick Scott, offers Tropical Storm Debby help

The White House says that this morning, President Barack Obama called Florida Gov. Rick Scott to "ensure the state had no unmet needs as the governor and his team continue to respond to extreme weather and flooding as a result of Tropical Storm Debby."

The President "expressed his condolences for the loss of life as well as the extensive damage to homes in Florida as a result of the storm," the White House said. He also reiterated that his administration, through FEMA, would remain in close contact with the state as they continued to respond to this event and "stood ready to provide additional assistance if necessary."

At the request of the State, a FEMA liaison officer is onsite at the Florida state emergency operations center to support state response efforts as needed, the White House said.

The White House said the president also asked Scott to continue to identify any additional support his administration could provide, and told the governor that "his thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of Florida and the emergency response officials at this difficult time."


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That has to be one awkward phone call.

Tammy Zielinski

I just found out that Wellborn is flooded out my nephew mike waller had to be rescued by a rubber boat and then taken to a shelter his whole hose is lost and car and every thing he owns. He is diabetic and has a open wound on his leg. He tried to contact FEMA and they said RICK SCOTT has not declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY!! Why not RICK? What are the numbers for help for people that are homeless now and work and need to get to their jobs so they have money to live on. We need help now and I am going to contact the president and find out why you have not declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY.


in order for FEMA to sned help it must first access the damage of the amoumt of homes, businesses and public assistance is necessary. when the disaster declaration is declared FEMA and other agencies such as us sba will determine how many people is necessary to call up to do the job and what resources are necessary. in the meantime, immediate responders such as redcross, churches, salvation army etc. will be there

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