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Reaction rolling in on health care decision

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.: "What’s important to remember is that what the Court rules on is whether something is constitutional or not, not whether it’s a good idea. And while the Court has said that the law is constitutional, it remains a bad idea for our economy, and I hope that in the fall we will have a majority here that will not just repeal this law, but replace it with real solutions that will insure more people and cost a lot less money."

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.: "A lot of us feel the health-care law wasn’t perfect.  ut it was needed.  Our system was broken and we had to do something.  Insurance companies were refusing to cover people or dropping those who got sick. So, we passed legislation to prevent insurers from running roughshod over people. And today, the Supreme Court upheld most of these reforms. Now, I think it’s time we finish the job of fixing our economy and creating more jobs."

U.S. Rep. Connie Mack, R-Fort Myers: "Bill Nelson cast the deciding vote on the largest tax ever placed on the American people and he will be held accountable in November by all Floridians. ObamaCare not only kills jobs, burdens families and runs up our already-massive debt, it oversteps its bounds by stripping Americans of their freedoms and mandating compliance with a government edict by calling the law a tax."

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston: "As a breast cancer survivor and one of 129 million Americans with a pre-existing condition, I am overjoyed that the Supreme Court upheld the right of every American to have access to quality, affordable health care insurance. Because of the Affordable Care Act, South Floridians like Lainie Schultz, a young woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks before her 25th birthday, will not be denied the health care coverage she needs because of pre-existing conditions. Thanks to the tax credit in the Affordable Care Act, small businesses like the GBS group in Pembroke Pines are, for the first time, able to offer health care coverage to their employees. The Affordable Care Act has already made it possible for American families and small businesses to have more control over their health care by reducing costs, increasing choice, and instituting common sense rules."

U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Miami: “While I strongly disagree with the court’s judgment, today’s decision exemplifies why we are a system of checks and balances.  Our work is not finished, however. The court’s ruling underscores the critical role Congress must play by repealing ObamaCare.  America’s healthcare system should empower individuals and families instead of Washington bureaucrats. This ruling imposes a new huge tax on America’s already struggling families and this is unacceptable to those of us who believe that our money should stay in our pockets and not sent to Washington. I have already voted 30 times in Congress to defund, fully repeal or do away with parts of ObamaCare and I will vote that way again."

U.S. Rep. David Rivera, R-Miami: "It is in the best interest of our nation’s economy to repeal the job-killing health care law and replace it with common sense reforms that address what is wrong with the health insurance system in America. We must pass legislation that lower costs and protect American jobs, not threaten them. We must move toward a system that welcomes patient choice and flexibility, instead of more government involvement, by ensuring Americans the ability to make medical decisions without bureaucratic interference."

U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Miramar: "The Supreme Court’s ruling today is a real victory for the American people.  This decision upholds the principle that all Americans should have access to affordable, quality health care. Millions of Americans have already benefited from this important piece of legislation. I have always advocated for access to universal health care with a public option.  With the Affordable Care Act, we have taken a huge step towards putting patients and their doctors, rather than big insurance companies, in charge of an individual’s health care decisions.  While I am pleased that this important legislation was upheld by the Supreme Court, there is still work to be done.  I hope that my Republican colleagues will now do their part and end their partisan attacks by putting the interests of Americans’ health care needs first."

U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami: "The Affordable Care Act is already paying dividends for millions of Americans, with more improvements to the system going into effect in the next few years. In passing health reform, President Obama and a Democratic Congress made history for our country and progress for the American people. Because of the ACA, affordable health care is now a right for all, not a privilege for the few. Today, the Supreme Court affirmed our progress and protected that right, securing a future of health and economic security for working people and their families, students and seniors."

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Miami: “Today’s Supreme Court decision is a huge tax increase on the American people. The President’s healthcare bill, which was written behind closed doors, dramatically increases taxes, fees, and the cost of healthcare for all Americans. Obamacare was supposed to lower the price of healthcare. Instead, it has done the exact opposite – the price of healthcare has skyrocketed. With the individual mandate, President Obama is slamming the American people with a burdensome new tax. It has also been a major factor in the sluggish growth of our economy and anemic job creation. I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress to repeal Obamacare in order to protect Americans’ access to the care they need, from the doctors they choose, at a price they can afford." 

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio: “The president’s health care law is hurting our economy by driving up health costs and making it harder for small businesses to hire.  Today’s ruling underscores the urgency of repealing this harmful law in its entirety.  What Americans want is a common-sense, step-by-step approach to health care reform that will protect Americans’ access to the care they need, from the doctor they choose, at a lower cost.  Republicans stand ready to work with a president who will listen to the people and will not repeat the mistakes that gave our country ObamaCare.”

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.: "This decision is a victory for the American people.  With this ruling, Americans will benefit from critical patient protections, lower costs for the middle class, more coverage for families, and greater accountability for the insurance industry. The Affordable Care Act is already paying dividends for millions of Americans – with more to come. In passing health reform, we made history for our nation and progress for the American people.  We completed the unfinished business of our society and strengthened the character of our country.  We ensured health care would be a right for all, not a privilege for the few.  Today, the Supreme Court affirmed our progress and protected that right, securing a future of health and economic security for the middle class and for every American."

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus: "Today's Supreme Court decision sets the stakes for the November election. Now, the only way to save the country from ObamaCare's budget-busting government takeover of health care is to elect a new president."



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US Citizen

God help us all.
What a disgrace to our FREE country.
I will join the millions who will refuse to pay for this junk - put me and the millions who will join in this protest in jail - I will gladly do so to fight for my rights.
We are done as a country - get that jerk our of the White house.


This is just another step on the path to allowing corporations to use the government's taxing power to reach their hands deep into our pockets and forcefully extract our money, whether or not we want to buy their product or service.

What a perfectly Republican idea!

If you've enjoyed the ridiculous "inflation" in health care costs we've already seen, you'll really love this green light for the Congress to just keep taking even and ever more our money and shoveling it into the maw of the health care-industrial complex beast ...

That beast is devouring our economy in order to engorge its profits.

Thomas Jefferson

Time to party like its 1913...

Tally Folly

Those who have insurance will not be affected other than having their rates go down because those who didn't will have to pay for their own now.
So whats the problem?
Isn't that the Right winger way?
Make everyone personally responsible for their own coverage?
The right are the biggest whiners when it comes to politics.
They have been throwing a tantrum like a child ever since Obama was elected.
Grow up and lets get to work fixing our economy rather than playing these partisan bickering games.

chris Ferguson

america is officially a DICTATORSHIP! to quote from the obamacare hearings "if the government has the power to make people buy insurance then it has the power to make people buy broccoli".......Now that the government officially has the power to make us by broccoli, what can it not make us do? our freedoms have been dwindling...but as of today our freedom is gone...we are living in a dictatorship! have u bought ur broccoli today?

Crazy country

If the health care system has not worked in Canada, what makes you think it's going to work in the U.S.A.. I can't believe this past. We've becomes a welfare nation!! It's sad everything that has been happening to our country these last years. Why can't our country just focus on education.

Craig Stevenson

Support Joe Kaufman for Congress!!

"Kaufman garnered tremendous support for his Congressional race against Debbie Wasserman Schultz from a number of conservative icons. They included Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Dr. Daniel Pipes, Dr. Kenneth Blackwell, Grover Norquist, Dr. Carlos Campo, Foster Friess and more."

"Herman Cain stated, “I’m delighted to be supporting Joe Kaufman, because he is a true patriot. We have a lot of people in Washington, D.C. who are therefor the wrong reasons. I’m proud to be supporting Joe in his run, in order to unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz. When we have more people like Joe in Washington, D.C., we will truly have more of a Congress for the people, not a Congress for the politicians.” 



Hopefully this gets us one step closer to a public option, since millions will still be left without access to health coverage even with Obamacare.

Jonnalyn Smith

We can't just simply say that since it is not working in a certain country and this would always follow it will not work here. Come to think of it, why they are pushing it? We might have the idea that there is personal interest involved but I think the best way is to just try if it will work.

Jennifer Hill

I believe in a saying, "There's no danger in trying." This is to remind these people in the Government who are blocking the road to safeguard the health of their constituents. Assuming that we can spend millions for this program to be successful and the advantage is we can make our people secured. We value the lives of our fellowmen.

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