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Rick Scott: I was wrongly called dead, stripped from the voter rolls

From AP

Florida Gov. Rick Scott knows what it's like to be told that he's not a registered voter.

In a radio interview Thursday, Scott said he was forced to cast a provisional ballot because election officials thought he was dead.

Collier County election officials confirmed that in 2006, Scott was required to cast a provisional ballot in two elections. Scott was not yet in politics at the time.

The ballot was counted both times. Provisional ballots are given to those who show up at the polls but are not listed as a registered voter.

Scott is pushing to have Florida identify and remove non-U.S. citizens from the rolls. He has been defending the push on television and radio.

The U.S. Department of Justice has sued to halt the purge.


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Innocent Floridian

Do unto others, that sums up Scott for sure.


A Nazi uniform would fit Rick Scott quite well


Scott was not "forced" to cast a provisional ballot, he was allowed to cast a provisional ballot under the provisions of statute and constitutions.

Scott was not in politics yet voted in two elections. How is that not "involved"? Oh, you mean he was not running for something or helping someone run for something.It would be interesting to know in what race or issue he was voting. Not his vote, of course, just what had his non-political interest.

Both ballots were counted; is that a surprise?

Non-eligible persons should be removed from the rolls and there are many activities that do that. However, there is no evidence that the "problem" is worthy of a "push".

We have among our population a substantial number of stupes but not one who fails to see Scott's purge effort as anything other than what it is; manipulate the vote for his, and his ilk's, benifit.

Finally: If you were a poll worker and Scott appeared at your station wouldn't you, at least for just a minute, think he was dead?

Lee Fischer

His lame attempt at justification makes the case for why he's so transparently wrong, and why his biased cleansing of voter rolls is illegal. It's a >provision< that allows registered voters to cast a ballot just in case there's been a mistake. YOU CAN'T VOTE, PROVISIONALLY OR OTHERWISE, IF THE STATE HAS INTENTIONALLY REMOVED YOU FROM THE REGISTERED VOTERS LIST.


What??? He was not dead??? I want to see the long form of the DENIAL OF DEATH CERTIFICATE


You guys are soooo lazy. Have you checked with the Supervisor of Elections to confirm this? Isn't it more likely that he was taken off of the voter rolls because he received his mail somewhere else (as in--where he REALLY lived)?? You guys never made any effort to verify that he met the residency requirements when he ran for Governor.

Alab Craddpock

We need to get rid of all non US citizens

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