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Rick Scott looks ready for showdown with DOJ over voter purge

Gov. Rick Scott’s administration is positioning itself for a showdown with the U.S. Department of Justice for demanding that Florida cease searching for and purging noncitizen voters.

The DOJ gave Florida until Wednesday to respond to a letter, sent last week, that said the purge probably ran afoul of two federal voting laws. Florida will respond, but it probably won’t quit its effort and will likely ask the DOJ to clarify its interpretation of the federal laws it cited.

“Our letter will address the issues raised by DOJ while emphasizing the importance of having accurate voter rolls,” said Chris Cate, spokesman for Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner, who’s in charge of the state’s elections division.

Cate would neither confirm nor deny what was in the state’s response, but he acknowledged that the state disagrees with the federal government and doesn’t plan to throw in the towel.

“We know we’ve been acting responsibly,” he said. If Scott’s administration stares down the DOJ, it will only heighten the partisan feud over the voter rolls in the nation’s largest swing state.

Liberals will protest at what they call “voter suppression” because so many of the targeted potential noncitizens — 87 percent — are minorities.

Conservatives will cheer a Republican who opposes what they see as one of the most-politicized agencies under President Barack Obama, DOJ’s voting section. Some want Scott to force the DOJ to sue. A DOJ spokesman refused comment.

If the state pushes ahead, its defiance or resistance might be more symbolic than actual.

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Scott is a crook

More federal crimes for Florida's criminal in Chief. Another day at the office. He stole billions in federal and state funds and got away with that and people were still stupid or apathetic enough to elect him governor.


The republican way, cheat or buy it.

Denny Wood

Scott just likes his butt kicked. The Courts will soon rule on the anti-business with Cuba trash he signed.

And then his witch hunt on illegal voters will see Scott handed another one with his head on the platter.

We have major economic issues to solve in Florida, like stopping the round of commercial foreclosures that are following the residential foreclosures. We have too many empty store fronts and empty warehouses, and Scott wants to spend time on election witch hunts.

Scott could use his energy by talking to local bankers on how to kick start the economy.


We are amused at these wacky Democritic comments ...

Why can't they just admit that their fellow travelers have been registering illegal voters and/or fraudulently using the identities of mentally ill citizens to cast illegal votes?

Isn't it because they just don't want the authorities to expose any more of their ACORN-ish voter fraud activities?

Evidently, the Dims are so desperate to win, they don't even care if they have to steal elections using illegal voters.

The old election fraud lessons by such Democratic stalwarts as Lyndon Johnson in Texas and old Mayor Daley in Chicago have not been lost by the leftists.

Dell Griffith

The far right are just promoting propaganda and creating division among Florida and American citizens. The real voting problem in America is not that there are too many illegal people voting, there are not enough citizens that vote and that get involved in the political process and this suits the far right perfectically fine.

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