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Rubio, sounding a lot like Jeb, bashes both sides on immigration

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio criticized the political right and left for simplifying and exploiting immigration, appearing before a Hispanic group here Friday not long before President Barack Obama took the stage and accused Republicans of inaction on the contentious issue.

“As long as this issue of immigration is a political ping pong that each side uses to win elections and influence votes, I’m telling you, it won’t get solved,” Rubio told about 1,000 members of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.

“Why is this issue simplified? I’ll tell you right now: because it is powerful politics,” the Florida Republican said. “I have seen people use it to raise money. I have seen people take the legitimate concerns about illegal immigration and turn it into panic. And turn that panic into fear and anger. And turn that anger into votes and money.”

Obama came to Orlando having pre-empted Rubio on a plan to help young illegal immigrants and was wildly cheered for the move blocking deportations. (Left unsaid: Obama has overseen the most aggressive deportation record in modern history.)

“I don’t care who gets the credit. I don’t,” Rubio insisted. “But it exposes the fact that this issue is all about politics for some people. Not just Democrats, Republicans, too.” Story by Alex Leary here.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/06/22/2863620/rubio-bashes-right-and-left-on.html#storylink=cpy


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Rubio is a very good senator for Florida with a good understanding of foreign affairs and will show that the Rep party cares about the Latin population which is very big with a lot of investors and corporation owners. Latins are not what the traditional corporate media portraits.

We need good relations with the countries in the south cone like Argentina and Chile for our exports.

If we are serious about creating jobs we need a good VP that can speak Spanish and build up the relationships and promote our products in the area.

The other VP candidates are just politicians that have no idea about commerce.

A Cuban

Please Mitt pick Marco that will assure that you will lose, he will be another Sarah Palin. He is a pretty face with a lot of baggage, that will come out if he gets picked.

This country does not not need a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth who will only protect the rich, so Mitt please pick Marco, and lose this election.

Robert Jenkins

Little Marco "Valor Robado boy" Rubio, is again talking from both sides of his mouth!!! Tell you what Senator Valor Robado, try releasing the names of "all" the Senators you worked with on "your" version of "your" Dream Act; and release the rough draft of all the work you have completed so far. That will once and for all; show you indeed had a work in progress. Other than that; I'd contend, this is yet another "Valor Robado" moment in your life!!! As the advertisment says; "Just Do It"!!!

joe blow

Little Marco the anchor baby is NOW in favor of illegal immigration.
Little marco=flip flopper.
Little Marco was against illegal immigration before he was for it before he was against it! LOL!


Taken from a blog by Debbie Schlussel, a Conservative political commentator, radio talk show host, columnist, and attorney who wrote:

Here's more hard evidence that Barack Obama's newly announced amnesty for "kids" under age 30 is creating long-term damage to America. And it's a policy, by the way, which Mitt Romney wouldn't say he'd reverse . . . because he won't. We've long known that anchor babies --- not just their illegal alien parents --- are a huge drain on American society and our dying economy. They cost the State of California --- just that state --- millions of dollars. But now even a liberal children's foundation is sounding the clarion call through a study that says America's future will be undermined by the children of immigrants, that they will destroy an economy which is already pretty sick and wounded.

The education, health and socioeconomic lot of the children of immigrants, the fastest-growing population group in the U.S., has raised concerns about how those children will perform when they enter the workforce.

Many of the parents are Hispanic and speak little or no English. And though the story of the U.S. is one of immigrants whose children assimilate, some researchers worry about the prospects for this generation. Their performance, they say, could undermine the U.S. economy as the children grow up, affecting everything from medical services for baby boomers to home prices.

Two very important laws must be imposed at once, so no more foreign invaders are encouraged to break the immigration ‘Rule of Law’. ‘THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT’ must be passed and advanced, so illegal aliens can no longer steal jobs from the millions of Americans unemployed. The ‘BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP ACT (H.R.140) must be compulsory so babies smuggled into America, so parents cannot take benefit from welfare, once the child become an immediate citizen. Half a million pregnant women enter the United States looking for handouts annually, for their children. Let your Senator or Congressman/Women know how you will vote, by giving your name to the politician’s aides and that you want them to sponsor E-Verify and the Birthright Citizenship bills. Citizen voters should phone Congress at the central Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

If you want to read the specifics concerning the lawlessness traitorous actions within Washington, then bookmark the ‘AMERICAN PATROL’ website. Investigate other headlines today as, Congress has a right to probe 'Fast and Furious', Illegal alien charged with statutory rape , EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief, Father of Brian Terry: Tell Obama and Holder to 'get their heads out of their butt', After drunken invader kills son, mother billed for cleanup, Report: Medicare billions going to Castro, Cuba... , The imperial presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, Obama's desperate amnesty gamble, Video proves Obama knew about 'Fast and Furious' in 2009, etc., AMERICAN PATROL is a up to date disclosure site of the nationwide E-media and newspapers, blogs and commentary that the Liberal press prefers to keep from the public. Daily, the truth is revealed about illegal immigration and the corruption in Washington and state Capitols.
Interesting enough my message cannot get into the mainstream Liberal press.



Good Lord! What did we do when we rented President Obama for four years? I even violated my own law when instead of electing the guy for the issues involved, I voted for the personality over Arizona Senator John McCain. Now we have a pharaoh in power, which has torn up the most precious of document called the Constitution, in his pursuit of absolute power. In his term he has hired a bunch of Marxist and ultra left Socialists that have done almost irreparable damage to our economy. His henchman like the despicable U.S. Attorney General has been on a ‘Witch Hunt’ escalating his intimidation on initially Arizona, with his warlord rumbling against Alabama and Georgia. Because these states dared to introduce legislation, to remove illegal aliens that are not only stealing American welfare by court mandate, but by causing mayhem by drunken drivers on our highways, but attacking children and women. This miserable human being called Eric Holder who reigns over us with a big stick, with his legions of overpaid public servants called attorneys.

This week President Obama issued an executive order to shield Holder, from the need to release thousands of documents in the ‘Fast and furious’ gun running scheme. Every prudent American has their suspicions of who is implicated in the rat hole called the Department of Justice. It seems like the murdered U.S. Border Patrolman Brian Terry is to wait in vain for the absolute truth. The question has always been where does the cover up lead? Perhaps to the steps of the White house itself? Eric Holder through all his testimony has never offered sincere apologizes to the elderly parents of Brian Terry who suffered this horrible loss. Watching the U.S. agents on the border, their job is aimlessly, hopelessly trying to stop the illegal alien invaders, which is shown to be an endless task. Why even bother when the U.S. government has placed regulatory obstacles in their way. Unlike the alphabet TV channels that always display the huge fences that seen to stretch for miles. In a true accounting, the fence is nothing of the sort, when there great expanses of nothing but old, tired barb wire, that a Texas long horn cattle could navigate. Both political parties must take the blame for this conspiracy that has gone on for decades.

Then we have Obama forcing the American people to forfeit their money to pay for a Socialist style health care. Money extorted from taxpayers, for probably a large proportion of people who live like leeches of the rest of us. Not just illegal aliens, but a mixture of the population who sleep late, eat their fast food, watch TV and play video games on a computer. With this potentate in power unemployment is through the roof. Food stamps are at a full time high and the lines of illegal aliens, who have smuggled their babies over here before they were born, have been instructed by verbal guides that once here their child can claim citizenship. This in itself has become a hundred billion dollar industry of child health care, education and a long list of financial payments, that even citizens are declined to collect. Illegal Immigration has become blight and Americans under President Obama will pay a dear price.

It will be them against US in the 2012 election and both Obama and Romney are already trying to pacify the majority of ethnic voters across the U.S. The only possible the American voter can gain the momentum to remove Obama and his crowd from office; not saying that even Mitt Romney is any better and should drive the old incumbents out and replace them with TEA PARTY leaders. Only then will we return sanity to this Congress. Only by replacing the Senators and Congressman in both traditional parties will anything ever change and who seem completely oblivious to the survival of the middle class? Under Obama we will sink even deeper into a high spending orgy and with Romney more latitude for Wall Street. Just the TEA PARTY will reroute America on a path of Success, if they can significantly displace the usual, spineless politicians with new ideas, which will elevate this country to a decent future for all. It would be highly complementary to also dump the Governors, Mayors, Police Chiefs and every elected official with TEA PARTY associates and rid ourselves of those bodies who pamper special interest groups, Obama fodder and the whole slew of individuals are working against the greater good of ALL Americans.


Rubio is disingenious. He joined the wrong party. He is not impartial, choosing to side with criminals and using his political clout to help enable their crimes. He has been a thorn in the side of 'legal' Americans for many years.

John N Florida

"sounding a lot like Jeb"
And Mini-Me surprises anyone HOW?

G Schmidt

I am a Republican of Cuban birth and I supported the Dream Act since it allowed the truly smart and gifted to remain in this country in spite of their legal status. If Obama's objective was to help young illegals, it could have been done on the low down, the fact they made such a deal about it tells me the objective was political. This is wrong, it may gain him some Mexican American votes, but it may lose him the union support he needs.
Both parties are playing politics with the future of this country and I am really disgusted that we have become so stupid and allowed the extremes of both parties to dictate the agenda
Shame on all of us

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