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South Florida Democrats support walk out on Holder contempt vote


Members of the Congressional Black Caucus were joined by many fellow Democrats Thursday in walking out on a House Republican-led vote to hold U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over the Fast and Furious controversy.

Among those supporting the walk out from South Florida: Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston; Alcee Hastings, D-Miramar; and Frederica Wilson, D-Miami. Here are their statements:

Wasserman Schultz: "Today I opposed the latest act of overt political theater staged by House Republican lawmakers who have made it clear that they would rather cast votes aimed at damaging the president instead of helping the American people. I joined my colleagues in walking off the House Floor to strongly oppose Republican lawmakers’ outrageous attempt to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. This is just the latest effort to distract and delay from the task at hand - creating jobs and strengthening the middle class.
"The Republican leadership has acknowledged that there is no evidence to suggest the Attorney General authorized, condoned, or knew about gun walking or engaged in a cover-up and as such, today’s vote was both unwarranted and unprecedented.
"Despite Democratic efforts to hold a real investigation, Chairman Darrell Issa has refused 10 separate Democratic requests for a hearing with Ken Melson, the former director of the agency in charge, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). He has also refused to grant a single Democratic witness request during the entire 16-month investigation. This flawed investigation is yet another example of political theater and prevents concrete action to create jobs and build an economy built to last."

Hastings: “It is contemptuous that Republicans decided to cast a stain on this institution by finding the United States Attorney General in contempt of Congress.  No Cabinet official in the history of this country has ever been held in contempt.  I warned yesterday that if we did this, history will judge us harshly.  And it will.

“Brian Terry, a U.S. law enforcement agent, was killed. That is a terrible tragedy for his family and our country. I am eternally grateful to those law enforcement officials who put their lives on the line to protect the nation. However, this vote today was not about what happened to Agent Terry.  It was political, plain and simple. 

“We need to address the doubling of student loan interest rates in this country, and yet, Republicans have made it their priority to pass a measure that does nothing to help struggling Americans. Our nation’s transportation infrastructure is in serious need of repair, and yet, we have not passed a long-term surface transportation reauthorization bill.   Americans need jobs to pay their bills, provide for their families, and keep their homes.  And yet, House Republicans believe that our time is better spent playing politics with this contempt vote, rather than actually creating jobs for the millions of Americans who are out of work. 

“Today’s vote was nothing more than a partisan political circus and House Republicans should be ashamed of themselves."


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When disgraced former federal judge Hastings, who was impeached by the House (controlled by his own party) and convicted by the Senate of bribery and perjury condemns an effort to hold Holder in contempt for withholding documents, he makes Holder look as guilty of something as Hastings was.

eric Sisser

Good for them...this is nothing but a political and underlying racist issue that the republicans have been playing since Obama got elected...Reporters interrupting the Prez in the middle of his speech, House members yelling while he gives the State of the Union speech, calling him a liar, Gov. Brewer pointing a finger at him...No other President of the United Staes has been treated with this much discourtesy. At least not since the invention of film.

tobias vilaplana

I never witness the level of dirty tricks used by the republicans lately,i feel a tremendous respect for president Reagan,i believe if was alive cannot accept what the republicans are doing with the only reason no matter what take control of the country,so in next 10 years bankrupth the sistem again,w/GOP in control God save America,For Obama 2012


So tell us, you defenders of Holder and Obama on this arrogant action by Holder, why did Obama claim executive privilege over these documents?

What are they hiding?

Whose actions are they covering for?

Why do they feel they need to keep these records of public business hidden from the press and the people?

The more this administration continues, the more it reminds me of Nixon and his administration.

1) An escalation of our troops in a foreign (largely civil) war, having pledged in the campaign to get us out.

2) A massive extension of the hand of government into the economy (taking over financial and car companies).

3) A Nixonian health insurance program, which is nothing more than corporate welfare for the insurance and health care industries.

4) And this shady law enforcement program, apparently authorized by the White House, that puts guns in the hands of criminal, foreign gangs.

Nixon would be proud, indeed!


Look at us we're like children! "my dad can beat up your dad". Look at the big picture while we are bickering about (D) or (R) reality is forgotten.
Who had the idea for this nonsense, who approved it, and who executed it? If we're lucky we'll get a scapegoat. Regardless of party they are ALL crooked.

Crazy country

Ron Paul for president!

Not Fooled

Good. Keep marching and don't come back. Go back to whatever kooky planet you came from.

FL Dem Ninja

Republicans must all have Alzheimers or just selective memory and nonfunctional critical thinking.
The report had over 100 inaccuracies and this program was implemented by Bush.
The right doesn't care if everyone suffers for their political gain while making mountains out of molehills and chasing down scandals that no one cares about. Remember how they impeached Clinton over nothing but gave Cheney a pass for giving up identities of spies...


For those of you unaware of the Fast and Furious program you should reead the evidence from the congressional hearing of the problems that began (nov 09)immediately as hundreds of guns at a time found used in massacres and drug houses.

These high power weapons have killed a DEA agent in Mexico, nearly 400 Mexican and a BP agent who was 18 miles away from the border. In Dec 2010,Brian Terry was armed by the American gov't with a bean bag gun then shot in the back by Mexican citizens dealing drugs armed by the American gov't with AK 47's grenades and so much more.

That is when the program was known by the DOj, ATF,DEA, NHS and yet they continued to let guns walk, and refused to cooperate with Mexican government investigation and demand to stop the program!

Both Obama and Holder have perjured themselves already, on the record at hearings, Holder more than once. They were stalling and stuttering.

They wont release the docs becuase it says put off until election year and call it a witch hunt.

SO am I to assume the Congressional Black caucus are working to save Obama again? SHAME!
Cowards walk out rather than to VOTE as their constituents require. No vote lets them off the hook but it dosen't mean they don't think he's guilty, they know he is.



maire kirk

Every member of congress that walked out on the job during the Holder vote deserve to be voted out of office. The walkout was silly,insulting and self aggrandizing. The walkout dolts refused to DO their elected JOB- just cast a yes or no vote. Disgraced themselves with the "above the law" walkout and spit in the face of the voter.Next election voters will remove these useless walkout idiots from office.

Craig Stevenson

Support Joe Kaufman for Congress!!

"Kaufman garnered tremendous support for his Congressional race against Debbie Wasserman Schultz from a number of conservative icons. They included Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Dr. Daniel Pipes, Dr. Kenneth Blackwell, Grover Norquist, Dr. Carlos Campo, Foster Friess and more."

"Herman Cain stated, “I’m delighted to be supporting Joe Kaufman, because he is a true patriot. We have a lot of people in Washington, D.C. who are therefor the wrong reasons. I’m proud to be supporting Joe in his run, in order to unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz. When we have more people like Joe in Washington, D.C., we will truly have more of a Congress for the people, not a Congress for the politicians.” 


walter l benning

As President Harry Truman said:

When are you do nothings going to get the message.
The American people are tired of you feeding at the
trough and not contributing a damn thing to the

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