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Synthetic drug concerns in Florida renewed by recent 'Miami Zombie' attack

Shortly after Attorney General Pam Bondi took office last year, she worked to outlaw man-made narcotic "bath salts."

The Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott followed with laws to ban chemicals found in "bath salts," "Spice" and other synthetic drugs sold at gas stations and specialty shops. As a result, many of these products disappeared from store shelves.

But the "Miami Zombie" attack and other high-profile incidents of uncharacteristically violent behavior have created questions about how substances with such harmful side effects remain accessible and, in some instances, legal.

Law enforcement agencies are concerned that manufacturers are finding ways to keep synthetic drugs on shelves by replacing banned compounds with ones that aren't illegal.

Cynthia Lewis-Younger, medical director of the Florida Poison Information Center in Tampa, said it's happening.

"They try and get around the law," she said.

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Joe Joe

Decriminalize non harmful recreational drugs and decriminalize millions of nonviolent citizens deemed criminals by our Justice system. Our country proved that prohibition does not work. Demonization and prosecution for drugs such as marijuana which is less harmful than all legal drugs is illogical and horrible public policy.

Bazz Bazz

I totally agree with Joe Joe !!!

Maik K

It's an article about dangerous substances and the first thing you read in the comment is something about harmless drugs. Don't get me wrong - i use pot for my migraine, but the article is about risky stuff that kills people...

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