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Tension, profanity, police & a senior threatening to cane a liberal. Just another Allen West event in Boca

If Allen West doesn't become unglued or say something controversial, it's a good bet that one of his supporters or opponents will.

At the Mae Volen center in Boca Raton, a few liberals tried to confront West who was walled off from them by supportes, according to a May 30 BizPac Review video we just saw of the event last week. One woman got bent out of shape when West referred to his liberal protesters, who follow him from event to event, as "groupies.

Islam-critic Tom Trento, shooting video along with at least three others (the Shark Tank's Javier Manjarres and BizPac camera woman), told the liberal protester "You're in over your head." Finally, the woman called one of the West supporters "an obnoxious little man" and then flicked him, saying  "fuck you."

An elderly conservative then got ornery, shoving the liberal younger woman.

"Hey, don't you touch him," the conservative said, brandishing her cane. "I'll wrap this around your head!"

A police officer stopped her. The elderly woman complained about her kneee and said that the younger woman "shoved me." The video doesn't really indicate that. Police escorted her out. At one point, someone seems to say "can you start another fight for me?"

Then came Palm Beach County liberal Tony Fransetta, with the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans, who appeared to tell a police officer that the younger woman was threatened.

Manjarres: "We're threatening you? We're not threatening you."

Trento: "Why do you say crazy stuff like that? Why do you have to lie like that?"

Asked his name as three cameras trained on him, Fransetta said: "My name is Joe Blow Weatherman Channel 8 watch me tomorrow night.... You think you're slick with your little phone. I've got one too. I know very good about technology and all. And my name is Joe Blow Weatherman Channel 8 and who do you represent."

As Fransetta said it, he leaned in to the BizPac camera woman who said: "Is there a reason you're touching me. Is there a reason you're pushing me? What are you here for?

Fransetta then walked up to Manjarres's camera: "What's your name?"

My name is Javier Manjarres. I'm with the Shark Tank blog. You're name is what? Blew Joe?

Fransetta, walking away: "My name Joe Blow Weatherman Channel 8."

Manjarres: "I understand you blew Joe or something."


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Broward Res

Javier Manjarres is a real d-bag reviled by even his own party in Broward. This pipskweak with a violent record gains his fame by bullying people and politicos with his camera and his blog. Quite the patriot there. Protecting freedom of his own speech not others.

The real story

The real story heree is that the liberal tried to beat up the elderly lady --- Loretta Kwass. She pushed Loretta after which Loretta told her that she would hit her with the cane. The foul mouthed liberal and her crew then proceeded to get stuck in the wet mud outside of the volen center and had to use their signs to try to dig themselves out.


When will this community finally rid itself of Allen West ? Please register to vote, so we can get rid of him. He is a blight on our community.

R. Berthaut

As a Democrat, I'm quite embarrassed by the obnoxious behavior of West's "liberal groupies" who truly need to get a sense of humor. The young woman who took exception to the remark should have simply laughed it off. As for the camera guys, they're not going to get people on their side politically if they continue to behave like jerks.

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