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Video: Marco Rubio on The Daily Show

Sen. Marco Rubio was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night. The first clip aired on TV; two more clips are online only (click on jump for video)





 - Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times


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joe blow

Little Marco finally found his true calling-COMEDY-since he's such a joke as a Senator!
Is hill still working on his DREAM ACT? ROFL!!!!!


you are looking at your future president.


And im not talking about old johnny boy either.

Lloyd Robinson

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Danny Corrigan

I don't think Rubio even knew how Stewart was making his arguments seemed so childish. No matter how many times Stewart said "balanced approached" Rubio just could not understand the concept. When Stewart opened with complimenting Rubio's wife and mentioning his college football career I knew Rubio was in trouble.
Rubio reminded me of when my son was five. "You have to eat some vegetables" "NO! I WANT TO EAT CAKE" "But you can't just eat cake you need a balanced diet" "No! CAKE IS FOOD SO I EAT CAKE" "But cake doesn't have much protein. You can have cake after you eat your meal with some vegetables and milk" "No! ONLY CAKE WILL MAKE ME BIG"


Hey nitwits, all Stewart was arguing for (balanced approach) was tax increases. Every argument for the Dems comes down to raising taxes. To an intelligient listener, Rubio won easily.

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