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Liberal group points out lobbyist ties to Marco Rubio's office

The blog Republic Report has a piece on Sen. Marco Rubio's chief of staff Cesar Conda, a former lobbyist who still owns a stake in the firm.

His latest financial disclosure form shows Conda received "between $50,000 to $100,000 in payments from Navigators Global after becoming a public servant under Rubio. The disclosure shows thats Conda continues to own a stake in his old lobbying firm, and that he continues to share in the firm’s financial success.

Read the report here. Rubio spokesman Alex Conant told Republic Report that the arrangement between Conda and his lobbying firm was “cleared by Senate Ethics back in 2011.” “Cesar had a stock buy out of his ownership units when he left, which is being paid out over time,” Conant wrote to Republic Report.

Posted by Alex Leary


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joe blow

just like Ricard Corcoran laundered Little Marco's campaign contributions when he served him in the Florida House, Conda is Rob you o's bag man in DC!
and don't forget Rivera gets his cut too!
I mean he has to pay his mom, godmom and Esther Neufer! LOL!


even if cleared by senate ethics rubio should consider how if plays in the public eye and obviously he just doesn't care

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