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'Witness-tampering' probe over Jim Greer's gay, drunken 'escapes' claim against Charlie Crist break new ground in Florida tawdry

From the start, it was clear that the criminal case against former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer would expose some dirty laundry at the GOP.

Now it’s getting so dirty it’s downright whacky.

Greer’s lawyer was prepared to claim that, when he was governor, Charlie Crist made a pass at the former chairman at a Beverly Hills hotel, that he paid two former male lovers to leave the state, and that the governor’s guards covered up numerous drunken “escapades” — including the time the gov allegedly nearly ran over golfers while he drove a golf cart under the influence.

Crist — an abstemious drinker who has fought rumors about his sexuality since and before his 2008 marriage to Carole Oumano — has called the allegations “delusional lies.” Crist reported the matter to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as evidence of “witness tampering” by Greer for allegedly trying to unlawfully pressure the former governor to change his testimony in the fraud case.

The claims from Greer lawyer Damon Chase arose only after the governor refused to recant his previous written testimony in which Crist said he had no idea that his party chairman in 2009 had taken over RPOF fundraising responsibilities for a cut of the profits. Chase wanted Crist to issue a new sworn affidavit that claimed he and party leaders knew about Greer’s secret fundraising arrangement, which is at the heart of the state’s criminal case against Greer.

Crist refused to file the flip-flop of an affidavit. Chase then moved to depose the former governor to ask him about his drinking habits and his sexuality.

“Jim is desperate and using you as a way to extort Charlie with embarrassing questions. Like ‘when was the last time you [expletive] your neighbor’s sheep’ or ‘are you still beating your wife,’” Crist’s boss and attorney, Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan, wrote in a May 14 email to Chase.

Chase responded: “Charlie clearly lied and now one by one his closest friends are coming out against him because what he did to Greer was just wrong. In the event Charlie remains unwilling to clarify his affidavit, I’m left with no other choice than to discredit him. I don’t find that type of practice particularly tasteful, but sometimes I suppose it’s necessary.’’

Chase pointed out that other Republican insiders said in depositions and affidavits that Crist knew of Greer’s fundraising deal or aspects of it.

True or not, the image of a hammered governor almost plowing into golfers is a scream. And the idea that he got all sloppy drunk and tried to smooch Greer at a hotel is profoundly unsettling.

Crist “would have to be a sick son of a bitch to try to kiss Porky the Pig,” Morgan told an FDLE case agent, who noted the statement was “in reference to Greer.”

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Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/06/10/2842670/latest-greer-claims-break-new.html#storylink=cpy


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I don't like Crist much, but my gut instinct is that he is innocent and these allegations are false.


Well, he did have a private dinner with John Travolta at his home.


isnt it absolutely cruel how some gays have to act almost like pathological liars to hide who they are

BTw generally the most virulant anti gays are gay, desperate to hide thorientation

George Rekers, founder of the anti hate group FRc - well he got outed

Remember Pastor Ted Haggard - so very anti gay - at least now he is working for the gay community

Remember Ken Melman also?



This is what happens why a guy like Charlie relies on a guy like Greer to serve as his rear guard.

Why would other top Republicans say Charlie knew about the fundraising arrangement if he didn't? Didn't that deal get done back in 2007 while Charlie was still the acknowledged and generally supported head of the Rs as Governor?

Governor's generally get their way when pushing for a person to head the party. So how likely is it that Charlie, who put Greer in there, didn't know something about the arrangement?

karma hit my dogma

What is delusional is trying to blame the Republican Party for this cluster. Jim Greer was hand-picked by Charlie Crist to lead the Republican Party when nobody, and I mean nobody, thought that was a good idea. Crist, Greer, and Lemiuex formed the iron triangle that controlled the inner workings of the Republican Party for four long years. Now they've formed a triangular firing squad. Best to sit back and watch this little cautionary tale play out. If there was ever evidence of the existence of karma, this is it.

joe blow

the RPOF are ALL a bunch of lying thieves who are gonna get theirs.
just wait till Fat Jimbo's trial in August. He's gonna lay em all out.
and yes these things are true. anyone who worked for Charlie knows it.
just check a guy named Jason Weatherington one of Crist's gay lovers who was paid by the RPOF to go out of state.
looks like Chuckles Crist and the corrupt Repiglicans have gotten themselves in a whole big mess of lies!


I'd like to add that my gay friends say Crist is a

Sweetie - its called gay radar - the ability to tell whosse gay by looking at someones dress, gestures, walk, word useage, hair etc etc

they accurately predicted that George Rekers - see my posst above, was gay

and same re Minister Ted haggard


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