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Campaign-cash catch 22: Connie Mack raises $50k, but gets rapped for missed votes

Remember the beating Jim Davis took from Charlie Crist for missing votes in Washington in 2006? We wonder if it's only a matter of time before Democrats and/or Bill Nelson start using the same attack on U.S. Rep. Connie Mack IV, who has missed a slew of votes while running for U.S. Senate. Only yesterday he missed three votes as he raised $50,000 in Jacksonville.

The folks at the Democratic Super PAC American Bridge 21st Century has done some numbers crunching to put Mack's missed votes into context.

Over the first half of the year the Fort Myers Republican missed more than 31 percent of the House votes taken this year. That gives him the seventh worst record in the House.

Mack's campaign responded later in the day with a sharply worded letter that accused a reporter of bias and pointed out the Sen. Bill Nelson wasn't pure when it came to missed votes, either.

"When Bill Nelson was in Congress and running statewide for Governor in 1990, he had the absolute worst voting record of anyone in Congress. He missed a whopping 56% of his votes," Mack's campaign wrote.

Nelson also lost that campaign.

In the current Congress/century as it relates to Mack's votes, most of the other chronic vote-missers have some extenuating circumstances. Five of them - Bob Filner of California, Ron Paul of Texas, Dennis Cardoza of California, and Jerry Lewis of California, are retiring, and one, 82-year-old Louise Slaughter of New York, broke her leg.

Exclude those representatives, and Mack's record is worse than every member of congress except Democrat Charlie Rangel of New York.

Of course, Mack has his own extenuating circumstances, running for U.S. Senate and all although he missed several votes campaigning with Mitt Romney). So how about other House members running for senate this year? Mack is among eight members running for senate, and he has by far the worst record in casting votes. The next worst is Todd Akin of Missouri, who has missed 18 percent of votes. Denny Rehberg of Montana has missed just .22 percent of votes.

"It's clear that Connie Mack is more focused on shilling for Mitt Romney and hanging out in California than fulfilling the duty his constituents elected him to do," said American Bridge's Matt Thornton. "If Connie Mack is so interested in not doing his job, perhaps retirement is a better option than promotion."

 Posted by Adam C. Smith


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Saving Florida's Future

Connie Mack IV sponsored ONLY 4 Bills in 111 Congress, 2 had no co-sposnsors, what does he even do in DC?


Dr. Dave Weldon's oldest daughter Katie just gave birth to a baby boy at Seton hospital in Austin. Child protective services were called in because the baby tests positive for opiates. Katie has been treated in 5 different treatments centers. CPS has given her the option to "give treatment another try". The Weldon's have not come to see there new grandchild or daughter, nor do they seem to care. Out of site out of mind. Running for office must be too taxing or interferring too much in their
"Rightous Bubble"

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