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Can Democrats find their footing in their effort to unseat David Rivera?

Democrats have struggled to find their footing in their effort to unseat U.S. Rep. David Rivera, R-Miami, in spite of his legal problems, and now are poised for a tough primary fight in August before taking on the congressman this fall.

But Democrats say they're uniting behind the candidates. Two frontrunners, Joe Garcia and Gloria Romero Roses, face Gustavo Marin and Lamar Sternad.

"The toxic state of the GOP brand is hurting Republican congressional candidates, and Floridians are refusing to support Republican incumbents who have become part of the problem in Washington," said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux. "Our strong Democratic candidates are entering the final campaign months in excellent position, and will have the resources they need to win."

Romero Roses was originally listed on the "Emerging Races" list of candidates eligible for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's "Red to Blue" program. Candidates land on that list by "making themselves competitive by running smart campaigns which are becoming increasingly competitive," the DCCC says.

She's now off that list, but the entire race is part of the DCCC's "Red to Blue" campaign to overturn Republican-held seats. Both Romero Roses and Garcia have done well in their fundraising, even as Rivera's has lagged in the shadow of numerous investigations. Rivera raised just $92,700 last quarter and spent $57,529. He has $213,648 banked -- but is carrying $138,573 in debt.

Garcia raised $250,194. He spent $55,661, leaving him $194,532 in cash on hand. Romera Roses raised $99,397 and she spent $63,980. She loaned herself $150,000, leaving her with $185,416 in her campaign coffers.

"Since I’ve gotten into this race, I’ve spent every day talking to voters across this district," Romero Roses said. "People everywhere agree—Washington has repeatedly failed to show the kind of leadership South Florida needs. People have responded to my message of working hard to create jobs and to look out for our youth, families, and elders. We’ve built our campaign with their support, and we’re going to keep working every day to bring real, positive change to South Florida."

All the friendly talk aside, Romero Roses has released a 30-second television commercial, titled "Progressive." It aims at Democrats who will vote in the Aug. 14 primary, casting her as the best alternative. It also makes a pitch to Hispanics: Roses, who was born in Colombia but raised mostly in Hollywood, briefly speaks in Spanish.

Here's Garcia's take, focused heavily on Rivera instead of his primary opponents: "I am humbled by the tremendous support I’ve received. Our community has shown that it wants to end David Rivera’s era of investigations and scandals. They want a congressman that works to create jobs and solve problems. From Key West to Westchester, voters are tired of being embarrassed by their representative."


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If Joe Garcia is the democratic candidate Ill vote, FOR SURE, for David Rivera.


Alfred's got it. How great can a candidate be whose ads just tell you how bad the other guy is???


This is an example of whats wrong with our election system. Thats why I'm voting for Gustavo Marin # 26. He is the only candidate that lives in the district and is not in the pocket of special interests. Vote with me to bring back sanity and common sense to DC, vote for Gustavo Marin #26!!!!!


I agree with Paul, the best candidate is Gustavo Marin, while others are scrambling for votes that are not theirs because they live in the district Gustavo Marin if us helping us, and is a leader nuestracomunidad unlike others that only are in order to see who can collect from us.
at the end will not do anything for us and all they say is pure rubbish recycled
that's what they teach to desir on the hood just look when they say they will do and you will realize that they never felt an all the problems that they say we live in a privileged bubble, Joe Garcia has been nominated several times but never moved to where we are the middle class and then says this with us. is more false than a quarter 100dolars

Elsa Pardo

Creo que el doctor Gustavo Marin es la mejor opcion.
Una persona con dos dedos de frente no puede votar por un candidato que vive en Miami Beach o en otro lado que no sea el distrito #26. Como es posible que un candidato que no viva en el distrito donde esta aspirando, pueda defenderlo como si el, sus hijos y sus nietos vivieran alli? Mentira, no puede ser. Gustavo Marin es el unico candidato que vive en el distrito #26. Uno defiende donde vive con su familia, porque uno y la familia de uno tambien se beneficia. Por eso, Marin tiene un Plan de entrenamiento para la juventud que se gradua y no consiguen trabajo por falta de entrenamiento, habiendo miles de plazas disponibles en los Estados Unidos. Tambien protegera los beneficios de las personas de la tercera edad como Medicaid, Medicare y Social Security, como Congresista. PONCHE #26. No es un error, el distrito es #26 y la boleta tambien es #26.


I love how easy a Herald writer can define a race. Apparently, someone from The Herald established that Garcia and Roses as the front runners. Is this conclusion made out of reading palms or consulting one of our local clarivoyants.
It is interesting that there are no polls done to ascertain that assumption, except that either Garcia, Roses or Marin have already done polling and concluded, contrary to The Herald's writer that there are no clear front runners.
Of course that writer's assumption is made on the basis of money, exclusively.If that assumption were true then Garcia would have won the 2010 election since he collected in the millions.I think we forget the scenario going on at District 26 and in many others.The fact is that people are tired of politics and politicians and the turn out is predicted to be quite low( last time was even lower, at 13% or around 15,000 out of over 117,000Dem voters..!).At such low numbers anyone of the three could actually win in a three way split.Add all the tons of political garbage
thrown in by every other race going on and we could
conclude that most of that campaign money is dulling the voters of 26, perhaps even developing an immunity among voters.
Unfortunately,some of our political writers are biased , pehaps even a bit negligent when basing their conclusions of a race and a district, or even people they dont even know and throw in their conclusion.I think there are plenty of examples of how candidates can actually do well without having much money.Rick Santorum did it with only $100,000 in a multi-million
presidential race and got over 245 delegates. He did not get more votes simply because he had reached what
was the limit of his appeal in his party. On the other
hand,everyone else with millions on that race had to
drop out almost immediately.
Since we are just concentrating on District 26(before 25 and not much different...)perhaps a little fact once again ignored(or most likely never known..!)by some of our ill-prepared "one-size-fits all" political
writers is that in the 2006 congressional race in that district a totally unknown Democrat( so unknown that I cant remember his name..) with a $10,000 campaign chest got 42% of the general election
vote against none other than Mario Diaz Balart.
I think that Joe Garcia and now Mrs Roses clearly understand that their cash will not necessarily guarantee a victory for neither of them.
That's why I am sticking with Gustavo Marin in spite
of the adulterated myopic vision of some writers. District 26 (25)has a history in supporting an underdog.
I cant understand the motivation of a member of the press with little information or facts about the district or its candidates trying to influence an election before it happens. And I thought that only Hialeah's absentee ballot queens were the ones trying to influence the outcome of elections...!! I guess I was wrong...!!!

but notice how often I thought that only Hialeah's absentee ballot mercenaries
were the only ones trying to influence election
results before it actually takes place...!!!
Please give us a break....and let democracy work itself without your constant baseless interference...!!!

political analysts(?)

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