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Crossroads announces $2.3 million stimulus-Obama basher FL ad-buy

Crossroads GPS announced it'll spend $2.3 million in Florida as part of its multi-state $25 million effort to defeat President Obama. The spot, which will run for about 10 days starting today, takes aim at the stimulus.

Note: The Congressional Budget Office and many economists don't view the stimulus as failed, per se, because it helped stabilize many government jobs (certainly that was the case in Florida). But it sure didn't stimulate the economy as much as bailout state and local governments temporarily. And dit didn't keep unemployment below 8 percent, as the president's team has announced. So failure could be a matter of political perspective.

 The spot can be viewed here:


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Yeah, well ...

The "stimulus" (hahahahah) package came to late to keep the government from laying me off in 2008. It took over a year to find a job after that.

And it, and all the later Obamanomics, have failed to produce enough growth to keep the small business I've since worked for alive.

So ... now I'm just another of the millions looking for work in Obama's jobs desert.

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