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David Rivera challengers, 'Enron' Joe and 'lying' Gloria, in Democrat mailer war

The race to topple Miami Republican Rep. David Rivera is getting a little nasty. Here's how Democrats Joe Garcia and Glorida Romero-Roses are filling the mail boxes of the Kendall-Key West district:







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Jimmy Stanton

Just to vote for Jose "Pepe" Garcia or the "Union Buster". I am sticking to Lamar Sternad. Just sent in my ballot. Go Lamar!!!!!


By my read of the Roses mail piece and the Garcia one...Joe doesn't respond to Roses' allegations. It doesn't look to me like Roses said that Joe drove Enron into the ground, just that he said he wasn't a Democrat to them. It also has some quotes claiming that he was pro-consumer, but doesn't deny that he voted to raise utility rates.

Roses's mail piece says he gave $70k to GOP, and Garcia's piece says she gave $500. Hardly a comparison.


Joe Garcia will loose againg against Rivera. Ill vote either Roses or Lamar.

Lori Hernandez

Lamar all the way! The other two are a joke.


As a Democrat and a resident of District 26, I am sickened by these two Dems. Thats why I'm voting for Gustavo Marin #26. A man of intergrity and more important a candidate that is not in the pockets of special interests like these two. Lets vote for a candidate who can actually beat David Rivera. Join me in voting for Gustavo Marin # 26!!!!


I agree with Paul, the best candidate is Gustavo Marin, while others are scrambling for votes that are not theirs because they live in the district Gustavo Marin if us helping us, and is a leader nuestracomunidad unlike others that only are in order to see who can collect from us.
at the end will not do anything for us and all they say is pure rubbish recycled
that's what they teach to desir on the hood just look when they say they will do and you will realize that they never felt an all the problems that they say we live in a privileged bubble, Joe Garcia has been nominated several times but never moved to where we are the middle class and then says this with us. is more false than ......

Ralph Garnier

First and foremost, no matter who we vote for, we need the scumbag David Rivera out of here! With all the garbage being sent by either the Garcia or Roses campaign, I cannot vote for either. Garcia has a track record of getting nominated and then loses. If this were a movie we all know how it will end....with David rivera as Congressman! I know that on the Federal level, you are not required to live in the district. However, how can Mrs. Roses possible know what are issues are here? This would be like Mrs. Roses running for a seat in Orlando! So she is off my list. This leaves two possible Democratic Candidates. I personnaly have taken a look at both and I am voting for Lamar Sternad. Lamar Sternad is a humble father of five children who lives in Cutler Bay. His children attend public school and he works full-time as an auditor. He knows what the middle class is going through. I cannot say the same for any of the others.


Yes, Gloria and Joe are at each others' throats - and I cannot help but wonder where all this money is coming from to have so many mailings. Who is bankrolling them?

Gustavo Marin lives in the district, unlike Gloria who has to shuttle from Broward, and Joe who is in Miami Beach. He knows what his neighbors are going through and his daughter goes to the neighborhood public high school.

D. Diaz

Sorry, cannot stand Mr. Garcia nor Mrs. Roses. I too, wonder where they get the funding for this childish bantering. What exactly do they know about our district? Why do they think we would vote for them after they get go for each others throats? What about Gustavo Marin? Looks as if he's been positioning himself for politics for some time. Sorry, but not interested in more of the same...... That leaves Lamar Sternad. Mr. Sternad stands out as someone we can trust. He's not a politician. He's one of us. He knows what his neighbors are going through, because he's living it the same way we are. He has five children and they attend public school here in Cutler Ridge. When I cast my ballot, I am voting for Lamar Sternad #28! At least the one mailing I received from Mr. Sternad actually addresses issues and says absolutely nothing regarding his opponents or their short comings......I like Lamar. Go Lamar #28!

Adiane B.

Lamar Sternad? Who is this guy? Never heard of him. In all fairness, I don't like the other three options at all so, I will Google Lamar Sternad and find out what his deal is. Gotta be better than Garcia, Roses or Marin. Definitely better than Rivera come November.

Derrick Williams

One might consider Lamar except for the fact that he has sent mailers out with only his first name in black communities that read, " We black men....". As a black man, this is the ultimate insult. Roses is rich so most of her campaign money is her own personal fortunte. Marin seems to be a nice guy, but he wouldn't stand a chance against Rivera, therefore he makes empty promises that the black community see right through. The truth is, we all know garcia is the only one who could beat Rivera, plus his stances on Historically Black Colleges and home foreclosure are impressive. I also like his anti gun message. Those are issues that relate to me, so I'll vote Joe

D. Diaz

I have seen Lamar's mailings as they have come to my roommates house. There have been none that have read "We black men" as Derrick has indicated. His full name appears on them all. to be honest, they are quite good. Atleast this guy has sent something worth while to the voters as opposed to blanketing the district with mudsling trash. I might also question if Derrick either works with Garcia or if this is Garcia himself. I know a few people and they have advised that only people in the media or who run campaigns for a living call them "mailers".

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