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David Rivera to Romney: More details on immigration or "no Hispanic outreach efforts"

Rep. David Rivera, R-Miami., tells BuzzFeed that until Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney clarifies his approach to immigration reform, he won't act on his behalf as a surrogate to Hispanic voters.

"I'm not willing to participate in any Hispanic outreach efforts without seeing more details on a permanent solution for these kids," he told BuzzFeed.

So far, Obama is winning the battle for Hispanic voters because Romney hasn't offered those voters anything they can support, Rivera told BuzzFeed: "Right now, his Hispanic supporters and Hispanic surrogates don't have the ammunition to combat the Obama attacks on him," Rivera said of Romney, former governor of Massachusetts.

BuzzFeed also notes that criminal investigations into Rivera's finances "have prompted national Republicans, including Romney, to keep their distance from the South Florida congressman, and explain why he's the only Hispanic Republican in the House who isn't tied to the Romney campaign."


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I don’t know what Mitt Romney has in mind on Immigration, but the TEA PARTY says No? Americans have been taken for granted, as have the courageous Border Patrol agents who protect the fence; it’s hard to believe that there a big signs in the deserts along the border, in our own country warning us of entering. That signifies it’s dangerous to enter these regions, because of the drug cartels and armed foreign nationals. It’s a proven fact that property owners along the border regions are fearful for their lives and must carry a firearm all the time.


To really make life unsympathetic for illegal alien criminals, our gutless Republicans should assume E-Verify as a mandatory apparatus without fail. Rep. Lamar Smiths bill ‘The Legal Workforce Act’ (H.R. 2885) informs a business owner whether an individual has a right to work. Currently it is a voluntary policy, but citizens can change this by rattling the cages of the Republican Party. It has become a remarkable electronic program, which detects unauthorized non citizens already hired, but then flagged and can only be resolved by stepping into Social Security offices. No illegal alien would dream of doing that, even if they are in possession of stolen ID documents? Of course the mainstream Liberal press is adamant in denouncing the E-Verify business checking Database?

Just as vital in importance is the BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP Bill (H.R.140) amendment law. This disqualifies illegal alien mothers from gaining immediate acceptance of their unborn baby smuggled through ports of entry, either across the ocean or through our limited border fence defenses. Undoubtedly a misinterpreted law that was originally consigned to slaves during the Civil War in the emancipation decree, not an identified ruling by SCOTUS, but unfortunately a huge tax burden that must be resolved. These Foothold children are costing $100 of billions of dollars in welfare, cash payments, education and health care treatment to the states and pouring through the cracks in our laws at a rate of 400.000 a year. The only obstruction is the special interests groups in the halls of Congress, which pour large donations into both parties. Pro-illegal alien forces in the Democrat and Republican Party and stopping these bills from becoming the law of the land.

No! You Republicans and Democrats the TEA PARTY is swelling, not shrinking as you will see in November. All people of every race, religion or political party affiliate should join a local chapter. Obviously people who scorned our immigration laws are not welcome. We can relieve this nation of politicians, governors, mayors and all others, who don’t comply with the Constitution. The Rupert Murdoch personages are isolated from the real world in their mansions, same as the celebrities who know nothing about buying a nothing about buying a loaf of bread, knowing nothing about the devastating issue of illegal immigration.

This is the time when every American who believes in the ‘Rule of Law’ and steps forward to let their Senator or Congress person knows how you will vote. Tell the politician’s aide and that you want them to pass E-Verify and the Birthright Citizenship bills. Citizen voters should phone Congress at the central Washington, D.C., Switchboard at 202-224-3121. Insist YOUR CONGRESSMAN/WOMAN TO fulfill their obligation to the oath of office and stop pandering to the businesses that use discount workers or the Democrats who are overlooking illegal aliens voting. You have the power of the VOTE to demand they sponsor these to policies or we are doomed to a future, without any restrictions on President Obama to initiate another spending spree. The country has a near $16 trillion deficit that must be stopped and now.


Can anyone verify this for me? If you read the immigration and nationality act it states ANYONE knowingly allows or aids an alien to work, reside or help in any way has committed a felony!

Now our president & his administration has allowed illegal aliens to reside/work here yes he deports them but he has told INS and ICE only to deport the aliens that have committed a felony and to release all others, he has told local law enforcement not to stop any person in a car that looks like a hispanic but only if they severely breaking the law.

Which means Obama the jerk is committing felonies each day. Can we prosecute the democrats and hold them accountable in a court of law? Can we sue them for wages lost because aliens have our jobs?


Mr Obama is not a jerk you are jerk that you are bent upon beating him up are you blind or dumb that you cannot see the figures it was this president who deported the maximum numbers of aliens from this country not a single republican president had this achievement and dont be so dumb that you do not understand that these 11 million people did not enter the US after Mr. Obama took oath.You tea party workers are the worst fanatics in this country and you guys think like terrorists so wake up and see the logic just dont try to pose your self like Arpio.You guys cannot survive without these people


Brittanicus, you are a blithering idiot. Hate speech is no longer welcome here. Human beings are human beings. You are no better than an illegal immigrant, just an a**hole with an axe to grind. Obama will win in 2012

Joel Wischkaemper

I have no idea what David Rivera is thinking about, but the illegal aliens are illegal aliens and should be deported. He may be thinking he has his own voting base and can do as he wishes, but it is a fact of life that the American People want illegal aliens deported. Good old David needs to support the President and the American People.. he is doing neither with his attitude.


illegals remain illegal, regardless of the temporary reprieve granted them by Obama. we have existing federal laws against illegal immigrants being in our country, let alone working in our country. BTW, Obama's FY2012 deportation numbers are in the tank.. Obama has deported a drop in the bucket, compared to the number of illegals in our country, while encouraging even more illegals to invade. Rivera can go stick his head in the toilet and flush.

we, the people, want our laws enforced


You guys are thinking wrong, that guy named Clif said that Illegals are taking the Jobs? Really?..go ahead and go to the field and harvest fruits and veggies...see if you can endure those. Republicans are the remains of the "Not so friendly" politicians in the US, they think that all people who came to America and until now has no documents are illegals. What about those fighting for the rightful claim, doing the right processing etc. USCIS , INS are so hard to please even if you pay the process, they will try to look even for a single nonsense things just to deny your case...now, a lot of people lost resources to process and stayed just to work and perhaps to pay the credit card too...Hispanics, Asians etc. has a big contributions in this country admit or not. People who came here without a single sweat in their face and got their green card are sometimes can easily condemn those who are hard working people to live day by day. America has a lot of Jobs, it is the politics that kills the economy and not working together. For Christ sake, work together and fix the economy, illegals are contributing to the economy and investors are scared becasue of the high taxes, overheads and goverment policies.


Just because you Teabaggers say it wont happen doesn't mean that it wont. There are more silent non racist Americans like me than there are loudmouth biggoted tea baggers like you. We shall see.


Billfngn: I sure hope so! Hatred for the sake of being hateful should cause people physical pain.


It’s inevitable that unknown numbers of illegal alien refugee’s will arrive in the-Liberal-Socialist-Marxist of California, where an already escalating $8.6 billion deficit, is going to rise even more. With illegal aliens pouring in from Arizona looking for state free handouts, the state will have a real financial mess on their hands. Other states will soon follow Arizona's desperate measure, to protect their lawful population. Arizona will shortly be checking the immigration status of those settled there, if they run afoul of the law. California, Nevada will be devastated by these parasites from throughout the world, who head there. WHEN THE EXODUS begins from Arizona, other states will follow suit, to save themselves from foreign national public assistance parasites. This will be 'self-inflicted monetary wounds' caused by the Democratic indifference, to Californians taxpayers. GOD HELP AMERICA WHEN WE REVOLVE INTO A BANANA REPUBLIC, thanks to clowns of Governors as Jerry Brown and the Mayors of San Francisco and Los Angeles.


7 million illegals are working in non-agriculture AMERICAN jobs, and not all are low-paying, as some of the ignoramuses here seem to think,; a few months ago, 200 $18/hr jobs were reclaimed from illegals at Pacific Steel Casting in Berkeley, CA.

less than 3% of the illegals in America work in agriculture, but don't try to tell that to the uneducated dolts on this thread.

worried about the increase in food prices if all illegals are forced to leave? don't be.... labor, illegal, or otherwise, is a very small percentage, of food prices ... adding 6 cents to the price of a head of lettuce, as has been calculated by economists, is something that we, the people, would only be too happy to pay, to get rid of the millions of illegals in our country..

illegals will remain illegal, despite anything that racist Rivera, or Obama, has to say.

harry houdini

Since when is someone a racist for following the law?
Give me a fuc-in break!

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