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Dr. Gisela Salas, chief of state elections division, resigns

Dr. Gisela Salas, director of the state Division of Elections, has resigned effective Aug. 1 to take a job closer to her family in Ocala.

Salas' resignation was made public Monday afternoon in an email that her boss, Secretary of State Ken Detzner, sent to Florida's 67 county election supervisors. Because her departure comes at a pivotal time -- just before a statewide primary in a presidential election year -- Detzner emphasized that the office will remain in capable hands.

"John Boynton, deputy secretary (of state), will be overseeing the operations of the division," Detzner wrote, noting Boynton's 39 years of experience at the agency. Detzner said his chief of staff, Jennifer Kennedy, also will work closely with the division, along with the division's three bureau chiefs, Kristi Bronson, David Drury and Maria Matthews.  

Salas earned $90,000 a year. She was the state employee who was in regular -- and in some cases difficult -- contact with election supervisors in recent months over a controversial purge of suspected non-citizens from the voter rolls. 

-- Steve Bousquet


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Ah, so she quit ...

Now perhaps someone who actually believes in purifying the voter rolls should be hired.


@whasup - Sure, or maybe she resigned because she can't stomach Rick Scott's scare tactics over a "tainted" voter list hiding his intent to purge potential Democratic voter off it.

David Kearns

@whasup, is that Wagner I hear playing the background? Are you completing a Fuhrer portrait in the paint by numbers set?


You all.are idiots....you don't even know the woman!

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