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Radio ad backed by Norman Braman attacks incumbent Miami-Dade commissioners

A political committee backed by wealthy Miami auto magnate Norman Braman has put out a radio ad against the four incumbent Miami-Dade commissioners on the Aug. 14 ballot.

Braman, who bankrolled last year's recall of county Mayor Carlos Alvarez, recruited candidates to challenge Commissioners Dennis Moss, Barbara Jordan, Audrey Edmonson and Bruno Barreiro. The minute-long ad on Spanish-language radio is paid for by Braman's electioneering communications organization, Change for Miami-Dade Now.

It highlights commissioners' approval for the new Miami Marlins ballpark, an increase in the property-tax rate (which commissioners reversed last year) and commissioners' office budgets, some of which is used at commissioners' discretion to fund community-based organizations. (The ad refers to that money as "commissioners' bribing funds.")

"In the August 14 elections, say no more to this group of four: Commissioners Barreiro, Edmonson, Jordan and Moss," a man's voice says in Spanish. "It's time to stop complaining and do something about it. Say no more to thise group of four. We have to vote on August 14."

The ad also gives listeners a phone number to call the committee and ask for an absentee ballot. Absentees begin going out next week.


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Chris Richards

It's on!
Time to throw these BUMS out of office!
Go, Norman, Go!

William E. Foote

Spanish language radio? Really? Really? For Moss, Edmonson and Jordan? Braman is a bigger buffoon than any elected official/candidate. He's wasting money for an ad targeting an audience that could only effect Barriero's campaign for re-election.

Go ask WMBM (Rev. Curry's station) or HOT 105 for a sixty second ad against the three Black commissioners, maybe throw in an ESCALADE commerical too.

Illicit Gains

Braman should just have them all killed and install the people who will follow his orders properly. That way he can do anything he wants in Miami, a true Dictatorship.
BTW...is he Cuban?


Jackass needs to quit buying politicians and run for office himself.


The truly rich don't usually run for office themselves, because they are content to own ... or at least, rent ...

those prima donnas who like to bask in the glow of the electorate and sit amid the trappings of office.

Very few of the truly rich have time to waste serving as elected officials, because their time is better spent figuring out how to make more money off the little people.


Good for Braman! I hope his team sweeps. These bums have been partying with our money too long. Why did we have to buy the Marlins a new stadium? If I recall correctly, the people voted NO! Why do we have toi build some nonsense tunnel at Biscayne Blvd? So some fatcat can get rich? NO!

joe blow

God bless Braman.
These four scumbags are as good as gone! they will follow their inept and incompetent buddy Carlos Alvarez into political oblivion!

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