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Flush with Sheldon Adelson cash, it's Giuliani (and Pataki) time for pro-Connie Mack super PAC

Picture 24Freedom PAC, the pro-Connie Mack political committee, isn't resting on the $1 million contribution that casino magnate Sheldon Adelson gave or the $50,000 chipped in from The Villages last month. It plans to hold what could be a high-dollar fundraising reception Aug. 11 headlined by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former New York Gov. George Pataki. Both have advisers tied to Freedom PAC.

Location: the Bridgehampton home of Charles Gargano, a Reagan-era ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago.

Donations: $1,000 per person, $5,000 for host couples, $10,000 for co-chair couples.

Mack could use the help. The Fort Myers Republican Rep. trails incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson by 5 points in the latest Miami Herald poll. That lead isn't big; it's within the poll's 3.5% error margin.

For a bigger gap, check out how the pro-Nelson super PAC Saving Florida's Future trails Freedom PAC in contributions last quarter and overall. Saving Florida's Future raised just $72,500 last quarter and has $171,028.45 cash on hand, compared to $1,069,419.14 for Freedom Pac (which incidentally disbursed $5,005.50 to Bracewell & Giuliani).

Nelson led Mack $9.5 million to $1.4 million after last quarter (the candidates haven't reported this quarter yet). But with Mack so close to Nelson in the polls and control of the Senate potentially hanging in the balance, all the ingredients are there to make the super PAC-giving explode in the coming months.


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Saving FL Future

Tampa Bay Times:
Connie Mack IV has questionable work habits, sense of entitlement & undistinguished record in Congress

Connie Mack IV has refused to debate his Republican primary opponents or meet w/editorial boards

Connie Mack IV has missed more than twice as many votes in the House as the average member

Connie Mack IV's approach to public service does not inspire confidence

Saving FL Future

Embarrassing Study identifies Connie Mack IV as having simplest speech in Congress http://ht.ly/c73Sa

Saving FL Future

Inside The Investigation Of Connie Mack IV PAC's Sugar Daddy Sheldon Adelson ht.ly/chad6

Saving Florida's Future

The philandering anti-family values Rudy Giuliani is a apropos sponsor for a Connie Mack IV fundraiser. I wonder if they will have scantily clad Hooters girls serving them also.

joe blow

Adelson is a corrupt jew.
he should be shipped off to the showers at Aushwitz!

Saving Florida's Future

Connie Mack IV has missed more than twice as many votes in the House as the average member ht.ly/cfvKR

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