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Fueled by Super PACs, GOP/Romney outspend Dems/Obama by $11m in FL, $51m in US

The Washington Post's Fix blog has a must-read on the big dollars, many of them secret and tough-to-track, flowing into the political system across the nation and in Florida from third-party political committees. It's of particular significance in Florida, a must-win state for Republican Mitt Romney, where a candidate dies if he's not advertising. Unless, of course, someone else is advertising for him.

Put all the cash together, a Republican said, and Republicans are outspending Democrats by $11 million so far in Florida ($36 million-$25 million) and $51 million across the country ($179-$128 million). That's a boon not just to Romney but to Senate candidate and Fort Myers Rep. Connie Mack, who's facing Sen. Bill Nelson in a tight race.

A caveat: It's still kind of early (although pre-season is ending), there's a saturation point where a cash advantage has diminishing returns and it appears in Florida that Obama has a pretty significant and sophisticated ground game that will giveRomney and the Republicans fits.

From The Fix:

In Florida, outside conservative groups have spent $32 million on ads ($23 million of that is from American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS) while Romney has spent just more than $4 million. Obama’s campaign has dumped $20 million on ads in Florida, but Democratic outside groups have spent just $4.6 million. Add it up, and Romney/GOP groups have spent $36 million on ads in the Sunshine State, as compared to $25 million for Obama/Democratic groups.

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Johan Doh

"The president spent twice as much as Mr. Romney in June, as his campaign purchased more TV ads, paid more than twice as many employees and spent millions of dollars on public-opinion polls, federal records show.

June was the second month in a row that Mr. Obama's campaign dipped into the red, while the president was outraised by the Romney campaign. In May and June combined, the Obama campaign spent 20% more than it took in, records show."
-from http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390443295404577543364002286188.html


"The disparity in wealth in present day America is presently as great as at any time since the start of the carbon-based Industrial Revolution, more than a century ago. Over successive generations, these wealthy few have continued to devise new, creative ways to use their financial resources discreetly, subtly, even covertly. They exert a degree of influence over lawmakers and politicians to maintain their extremely powerful, yet artificial, status. To quote Yogi Berra, it seems like Hamilton vs. Jefferson, 'déjà vu, all over again.' "

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