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GOP Miami-Dade school members complain about Obama campaign event at public school

First Lady Michelle Obama will stop in Miami Tuesday to recruit residents to vote and volunteer to reelect her husband, President Barack Obama.

But the spot for the political event -- Barbara Goleman Senior High in Miami Lakes -- has some GOP members of the School Board seeing red.

Miami-Dade School Board Member Renier Diaz de la Portilla has called for the event to be cancelled and Board Member Carlos Curbelo has asked the board attorney to reconsider his opinion that the event meets legal muster. While School Board seats are non-partisan, Diaz de la Portilla is running for state House as a Republican and Curbelo has worked as a Republican strategist.

“Allowing the First Lady of the United States to use one of our schools explicitly to benefit the President's reelection campaign is inappropriate and sends the wrong message to our students, employees, and to taxpayers – even if the President's campaign is willing to pay for all costs resulting from the event,” Curbelo wrote in the letter to the school board attorney, Walter Harvey.

Curbelo told the Herald Monday: “ There’s a difference between official visits to schools by elected officials and the interest of having events that are for the sole purpose for advancing a political campaign.”

Said Diaz de la Portilla in a statement: "The use of public schools whose only focus should be to educate our children for political gain is downright wrong. Don’t these liberals have boundaries? Our schools are places for learning, not places for politicking."

Under the School Board policy, all groups, including political, religious and nonprofits, can apply to lease facilities from the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, said School Board attorney, Walter Harvey. The district doesn't spend any money on the event for the outside group and employees cannot attend the event if they are on the clock.

“They’re essentially renting the facility,” Harvey said. His opinion was essentially if someone applies to use district facilities, the district can’t deny and discriminate against the request just because it comes from a political campaign. All renters must meet certain criteria, like providing a certificate of insurance and prepaying the leasing fee.

According to the White House’s advisory, the First Lady will meet with grassroots supporters to encourage them to "register to vote and volunteer for the campaign, and thank volunteers for their hard work to help re-elect President Obama in November.”

A similar event will be held in Orlando on Tuesday afternoon.
- Laura Isensee



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She is still the First Lady of the United States. Have some respect.


The grand irony is that de la Portilla is using this event to conduct her own politicking. Fool. Blabbering about a platform instead of creating one herself.


Btw Diaz de la Portilla is a man


How embarrassing for the School Board to have these people on their Board


I hate to burst anyone's angry bubble or put a damper on anyone's childlike tirade over this, BUT, Mitt himself will speak tomorrow at a High School! July 10th-Central High (CO). So, what's the difference?

Can't Take Anymore

Rita, the difference is that these two career Cuban (not Cuban-American) politicians are just part of the Republican noise machine that is programmed by Karl Rove & Co. to go off anytime the Obama name is mentioned. They crave the spotlight and freak out if their hated opposition might actually get a few minutes to speak. Just part of the stink in the air in Miami-Dade that will take another generation to clear.


Board member Curbelo said, Allowing the First Lady of the United States to use one of our schools explicitly to benefit the President's reelection campaign is inappropriate and sends the wrong message to our students.

Really? Perhaps this school board member should revisit his 5th grade classroom and reread the lesson on civics.

What a great lesson for the students in any school. The First lady and the political process.. Oh I forgot, Republicans don't believe in the political process. That's why they look for ways to prevent citizens from voting and now they want to prevent the public from hearing the First Lady.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2012/07/gop-miami-dade-school-members-complain-about-obama-campaign-event-at-public-school-.html#storylink=cpy


How embarrassing to have such pathetic low-lives in our county.


Obama should send her to Havana to tout what socialism does to their schools - poor, stupid kids who have no chance because of their failed socialist policies in Cuba.

I agree with the diaz delaportillas


Lets not forget the Cubans left their country rather fight for it...they lack class just like the republicans.


She and her husband are the reason I'm voting for the first time in my life ate the age of 52. I'll go with Romney, thank you.


She's outraged that "these liberals" will pay to rent a venue just because its a school and it is a bad lesson for the children, but she's alright with companies and individuals donating millions to a campaign? Ask yourself which one of those sends a worse message? I doubt these two would be making such a bid deal if it was Marco Rubio


What's a Honda? Poor people suck!


Who is this Renier Diaz de la Port-o-potty guy? We really need to improve our border security. I'm sending him home as soon as he elects me


I think it's funny that the Obama's don't seem to want to use churches for political rallies.

What are they running away from:
a) the long, proud tradition of black political and civil rights organizing based in churches? or
b) their atheist Democrat supporters who hate religion? or
c) reminding voters of the church he used to attend with its radical preacher with his hateful words?

So let's rally at a school, where we don't talk about religion or church.



Don’t these liberals have boundaries?? Ya mean like "corporations are people" and we have a right to buy the White House with secret money?


she should go with her politician soughs to other places not to the schools of our children.


Is school in session?

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