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Haitian president visits South Florida, and North Miami foots the bill for his security detail

Haitian President Michel Martelly jetted into South Florida last weekend ready to party. Inside a crowded ballroom on Saturday night, the pop-star-turned-president grabbed the microphone, swayed from side-to-side and riled up the crowd with an impromptu performance at the Renaissance Ballroom off Calle Ocho.

It was the eighth anniversary celebration for a popular Haitian website.

Accompanying him to the party were North Miami police officers, who provided private security detail for his Friday-to-Sunday visit, after the Secret Service had turned him down because of short notice. The cost of the visit to North Miami taxpayers: $8,800, the city said.

The publicly funded security detail has irked some in North Miami, which like many other municipalities is struggling financially — and where, like other South Florida communities, international affairs can stir emotions.

While some laud the city’s decision, others say it impacts the city’s budget and gives the appearance of a gulf between Haitians and non-Haitians in the Northeast Miami-Dade city. Haitians represent roughly one-third of the population.

More from Nadege Green here.


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joe blow

why would a President from Haiti need security? NO one knows who he is nor would they care.
anyway Haiti don't have no money. them mookies still be running around like wild chimps!

Frantz Lubin

Mookies? Hahahaha!!! Wild chimps?? HAHAHAHA!!! Did you make it to the third grade you imbecile? You're the only idiot who doesn't know the presidents of the US's surrounding countries. Anyway, stay brilliant and stop sleeping with your mother and sister. Pick one and stick to her.

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