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Ileana Ros-Lehtinen bashes President Obama for no Israel visits. What about Reagan, Bush, Nixon?

Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a backer of Republican Mitt Romney and the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, took a swipe at President Obama today for failing to visit Israel during his first term.

The left is pushing back, saying that  Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush. The last two didn't visit Israel until their second terms. It appears Reagan never did.

The focus on Israel and the Jewish vote has taken a back seat of late to all the talk about the Hispanic vote. Republican John McCain's campaign made a big deal about the Jewish vote in 2008 and it didn't work then. But this year could be different.

Here's Ros-Lehtinen's statement:

“Next week, Mitt Romney is traveling to Israel for the fourth time. Meanwhile, Barack Obama has yet to visit Israel as President, even as he has found time to visit numerous other countries around the world, including in the Middle East. We can only speculate about why the President has failed to visit the capital of our closest ally in the region, but we don’t need to speculate about the timing of the latest hint from the White House that President Obama will travel to Israel in his second term. It’s politically inspired, coming as it does only days before Mitt Romney heads off to Jerusalem.  One should not play political games with U.S. foreign policy, particularly at a moment when the Middle East is a tinderbox.”


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If Obama gets reelected don’t let him bring Eric Holder over to Israel (not Isreal Dem dummies) with him when he visits. You’ll have more terrorists with illegal guns when these 2 Anti Semite clowns come over. He's only gotten border agents and 300 poor Mexicans killed so far.

Check out Song “Arizona we’re proud of you” . to see who he did get killed

Song “Arizona we’re proud of you” .


Arizona like us when they report on Israel the fringe will hide the facts.
They’ll photoshop and leave out the other sides violent acts .
We have no problem if people want to celebrate the 5th of May,
But we’ll wear the red white and blue any fricking day.


Obama is president of the US, right, not Israel? Shouldn't his time and attention be devoted to issues in this country?

Now, Michelle Obama could go visit. I understand she likes to travel at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars for each of her forays abroad.

John Tourian

DUH! Since FDR’s time ALL US Presidents, bar none, were converts from Judaism, married to Jewesses or had Jew blood! Congress at 80% Jew is worse! Jew-run Imperial US Military used WMD-s on ALL COUNTRIES which disagreed with the INHUMAN US Foreign Policy that shields Genocide-Committing CHOSEN Israel by casting one more of the great majority of UN Vetoes since 1972! US savaged most countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America banana republics and Island nations. US WMD-s includes atomic bombs, incendiary, napalm, white phosphorous, chemical (CL2 & Agent Orange), nail-cluster, land mines, nuclear-clad bunker buster and armor-piercing, enhanced satellite-guided bombs etc. Barbaric Israel did worse & actually loaded in 1967 nuclear (courtesy of US) bombs to drop on Syria and Egypt if the $80 billion weapons to Israel by Jew LBJ failed in its PRE-EMPTIVE 6-Day War! Israel routinely sends its MOSSAD Agents to assassinate anybody who dares to criticize its atrocities, including in US & the world! US angered decent folk when the Jew cartel of Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney-Bolton-Murdok-12 tribes defended the ATROCITIES of Jew Israel and its murderer SHARON in 2008! Let’s say it was right to take out Bin Laden who was assumed to attack the WTC! But to let high school joy-stick US juveniles drop bombs on civilians in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc is not right! Are we emulating Israel? Other countries know US is a Paper Tiger. Home-grown violent insurgency has arrived & includes the poorer Jews, now homeless and penniless! US collusion in the OPPRESSION and OCCUPATION of Palestine by Genocide-Committing Israel for 64 years is criminal!! When will US Gentiles (Jew for ALL leprous others) feel proud again that US stands for justice and human rights!


This is the same woman who hosted an awards ceremony for students in her district. It was held at Southwest HS, her alma mater. As I sat in a decaying, filthy auditorium I coudlnt help but think how she could call the conditions at the school acceptable. The bathrooms were unsanitary, the halls were dirty and wiring exposed. I was going to ask her how she could accept the comditions at the school, but she was too busy stuffing croquetas in her mouth and giving photo ops She should worry about her own district before Obama and Isreal. What a pathetic attempt on her part. I don't believe a words he says.


Sorry about the typos btw.

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