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Joe Garcia's weapon v. David Rivera: Marco Rubio's words

Democratic congressional candidate Joe Garcia is using a most-unexpected narrator in a web ad bashing Republican Rep. David Rivera: The voice of Sen. Marco Rubio, a Rivera pal who has repeatedly said Rivera will have to answer questions about his finances that have made him a target of state and federal investigations.

Rivera narrowly escaped state criminal charges stemming from his use of state House campaign funds and an investigation into a secret dog-track payment (background here). He faces a federal investigation as well.

A right-hand man for Rubio when he was in the House, Rivera is a close family friend of Rubio, who has stood by Rivera's side. He helped Rivera raise money but, in numerous interviews, has said Rivera will have to answer questions about his finances. So the Garcia campaign expertly used Rubio's words against Rivera -- something that could prove devastating in a Miami-based ad.

Rivera, in turn, sent out a public statement through that said Garcia has his own "personal corruption issues."** Garcia's campaign said Rivera is simply lying about Garcia's alleged corruption. Indeed, there's no evidence that Garcia is under investigation, as Rivera claims, but there is ample proof that Rivera is.

Right now, the investigations have tolled on Rivera's fundraising. He raised just $92,700 last quarter, spent $57,529.67 and has cash on hand of $213,648.15 (but he has debts of $138,573).

Garcia raised $250,194.12, spent $55,661.57 and has cash on hand of $194,532.55.

Democrat Gloria Romery Roses raised $99,397 (but loaned herself $150,000 for a total of $249,397.52), spent $63,980.84 and has cash on hand of $185,416.68.

From the Rivera campaign:

“Joe Garcia is once again trying to distract attention from his personal corruption issues.

Joe Garcia is the single most corrupt Democratic candidate in America. Garcia was a high ranking Obama appointee at the U.S. Department of Energy while the Solyndra scandal was developed.

Finally, Garcia is the most un-American and unpatriotic Democratic candidate in America. Garcia has become a documented advocate in Washington for companies that do business with terrorist enemies of the United States like the Castro dictatorship.

Before Garcia can ask anyone to address any issues, he must answer to Democrat primary voters for these issues that will certainly disqualify him from public office for the fourth time in his life. Garcia’s corrupt history clearly disqualifies this career candidate from holding any office including dog-catcher, much less Congress.

The voters of congressional district 26 simply will not elect a career candidate who raised utility rates, represents the interests of the Castro dictatorship, served during the Solyndra scandal at the Department of Energy and seeks to return Nancy Pelosi's failed economic policies to Washington."

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