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Kirk Pepper leaving House, Cannon for Speaker-designate Chris Dorworth

Kirk Pepper, a top Florida House aide and political adviser to House Speaker Dean Cannon, is leaving that post to work as special adviser to Speaker designate Chris Dorworth (scheduled to take leadership of the House in two years).

That puts him in position to head the Republicans' House campaign efforts in 2014.

Pepper (no relation to former Sen./Rep. Claude Pepper) knows Florida politics. Before working for Cannon, he was part of Attorney General Bill McCollum's gubernatorial primary campaign that fell just short of beating Rick Scott. Priot to that, Pepper was a Republican Party of Florida deputy director in 2008 election cycle and he was the victory director in 2006. He also worked in Missouri for the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign in 2004.

The praise:

"Kirk has a unique understanding of both the politics and the policy that governs the legislative process,” Dorworth said in a statement. “I am honored to have him lead my team."

"I was honored to have Kirk as a part of my team in the Speaker’s Office. His advice and counsel proved to be invaluable,” said Speaker Cannon. “I know Representative Dorworth will benefit from Kirk’s broad range of political and policy experience as he prepares to lead House Campaigns and ultimately become Speaker.”


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When is the last time you have seen a press release on a House or Senate Campaign staffer? Sad Kirk needs that kind of attention. Sad, but predictable.


Well ... I reckon Dorworth is gonna need all the capable staff help he can get ...

to keep him from getting into trouble with graft and corruption as his power grows.

The question is whether Pepper can provide a check on the boss, or simply aid and abet the political and financial misuse of that power.

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