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List of 180,000 suspect Florida voters to be made public

After weeks of declining to make it public, Gov. Rick Scott's administration now says it will release a much larger list of more than 180,000 voters in Florida whose citizenship status is in question.

Secretary of State Ken Detzner said two weeks ago that he would seek an advisory opinion from Attorney General Pam Bondi as to whether the database was public record under Florida law -- a political hot potato if ever there was one. Detzner did not request the opinion, and his spokesman, Chris Cate, says: "Our conclusion is that the set of 180,000 names is a public record. We are in the process of redacting it now so that it can be provided to everyone who has made a public records request."

Elections experts say information contained in the state voter file is public record, but there are restrictions on what information can be copied.

Releasing the list could be an election-year nightmare for Scott's administration, which has acknowledged that the database is flawed. But Scott and Detzner have said that it is important for the state to comb its database to ensure that non-citizens are now allowed to "dilute" the votes of legitimate voters. 

The state's release of a much smaller list of 2,700 individuals whose right to vote was in question set off a furor in May and has led to several lawsuits, and county supervisors of elections halted a purge of suspected non-citizen voters, calling the list unreliable. The state has sued the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, seeking to gain access to a federal citizenship database that would make it easier for the state to track voters' citizenship status.   

The state released a list of 19 organizations and individuals who have requested the list of 180,000 voters. Most are Tallahassee-based reporters but the list also includes the Florida Democratic Party, American Civil Liberties Union, Fair Elections Network, Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, the Advancement Project, and U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton.



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Well, of course, it is a public record.

These incompetents at the Florida Department of State are also idiots.

They should have, long ago, sent the list out to the county election supervisors ...

because they should have known the list would be made public before the election even if they didn't send it out.

What are they afraid of?

Now we can all see just how many illegals have gotten on the voter rolls.

BTW, where is that report from the press about how many folks on the lists already sent to the supervisors can no longer be found at all?

Could it be that many of them fled the state because of the harsh rhetoric and the Great Recession? Could it be they are illegals?

eric Sisser

He also has a TV spot that aired on Putney's show on Sunday...u guys r just a little late with breaking news

The Kid

You won't "see just how many illegals have gotten on the voter rolls" because we know the list is flawed; plenty of people on it are citizens, as proven by the amount taken off the rolls by the few county elections supervisors who decided to go along with the purge. On a similar note, the list was already given to election supervisors; most just refused to go along with such a ridiculous request.

Florida public records

Patricia I think many voters are in confusion list because there are so many question occurred for their Florida citizenship identity.1, 80,000 is also a large list of suspected voters.

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