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Endorsement war in Dem race to challenge Rep. David Rivera

Emily's List, which supports aborton-rights women candidates, this morning said it was endoring District 26 Congressional candidate Gloria Romero Roses, which could be a big deal if it spends some hard-to-come-by dollars to advertise the little-known Democrat.

Romero Roses could use the help. She's in a three-way race with Gus Marin and Joe Garcia, a relatively well-known Democrat from Miami who has run for Congress twice before and who was head of Miami-Dade's Democrats.

Garcia last week scored the endorsement of the Kendall Federation, which represents homeowners in the heart of the Key West-to-Kendall district. Marin was co-endorsed with Garcia by the United Faculty of Miami-Dade College.

Whether the endorsements mean something is yet to be seen. The primary is Aug. 14. What they do indicate, however, are the flavor of the campaigns. Garcia is more of a local candidate (though only Marin lives in the newly drawn district). Romero Roses was recruited by Washington types affiliated with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

But it's not as if Romero Roses doesn't have local ties. She's a graduate of UM and FIU, where she still mentors. And she scored the endorsement of The Miami Herald, Key West The Newspaper and the Ocean Reef Community Association.

Which of all this means more? We'll find out more.


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Wendy Sejour

This is why I stopped giving money to emily's list. They are clueless about the communities they claim to want to serve. Just because the candidate is a woman does not change the fact that she is a carpetbagger and the she maxed out in personal donations to a Pro-Life Republican.


The contrast between who supports the two candidates is very interesting: the national organizations who have as little of an idea about who this lady is as we do are behind her just because she says she's a "progressive", but what kind of progressive busts a union and then calls themselves liberal?

Gloria has very minimal support from the DCCC in any case. They removed her from the Red to Blue list because of her supremely dismal fundraising, and the actual 'support' for her is tepid. They're mostly taking a wait and see approach. Emily's List endorses anyone who is a women and says they are pro-choice.

Joe, on the other hand, is endorsed by people who actually live in the district, know the community, and know him personally, including mayors from Homestead, Florida City, Marathon, Paul Vrooman, councilmembers and school board members from Cutler Bay, Homestead, the Keys, a Dade County commissioner Dennis Moss. I mean his support in the community by the people who know how to get elected here is astronomical compared to the other carpetbagger.


I like Gustavo Marin. He's the ONLY candidate who lives in the District so he sees the problems and struggles facing our community in a first hand. I'm voting for Gustavo Marin, he's not a politician.

It's career politicians like Gloria and Joe that are destroying this country.


You say in your article that Gloria who? is a graduate of UM and FIU, where she still mentors. Does she mentor the college students to NOT VOTE? Because she didn't bother to vote until she was almost 40! Did the newspapers that endorsed her bother to research her record? I think not! New shiny object that looks good on the outside, but hollow on the inside. Rivera will CRUSH HER should she win the primary!


I dont think Rivera will crush her. I believe she is the perfect candidate, fresh air, after all this scandals of Rivera. Ill vote for her.


It’s a shame that the Herald endorsed Gloria, a woman who has been able to live a life of leisure and "mentor" college kids; thanks to her millionaire husband. (I wonder how he made all his money.)
As opposed to the best Democratic Candidate to beat Rivera which is Gustavo Marin. Even the Herald said Marin was knowledgeable on all the issues. Their concern is his small amount of campaign funds compared to the other two.
So what I gather is that if you have the money no matter how ignorant or absent minded of the issues a candidate may be, because they have alot of money they should automatically win!!! Amazing like a Banana Republic!!!!
Joe may have received endorsements of local elected officials, but that means nothing because he had their support every other time he ran for congress and he has still lost!!!
I'm voting for Gustavo Marin #26, he is the ONLY one that has a chance to beat Rivera. He is the ONLY one knowledgeable on the issues that are affecting district 26 because he has lives in the district, and he is the ONLY candidate that is not accepting money from the special interests who are ruining our community and our country. Please vote with me #26 for Gustavo Marin!!!


I have been to a great deal of events where these three candidates have been invited to express their views.As a serious voter of my district, I listen and take notes.I have to admit that at first,I was supporting Garcia. However,it has been obvious in this campaign that that Mr. Garcia is a vulnerable candidate and will lose against Rivera, one more time. I view Garcia more like a bureocrat always in the shadows of other powerful people but unable to gain elections.
I tried giving Ms. Romero a chance but it sems that practically everything in her narrative is really not true or it has been greatly adulterated. She claims to be a successful business person but I saw no success in her business ventures.In Fact, most of her positions did not carry the aurea of success. I am happy that she went to college etc but so has everyone else, particularly in this community.
Ms. Romero deserves a lot of credit, if marrying a millionaire like Tomas Roses, president of the maintenance company allegedly being anti-union, is a sign of being successful; well then let's grant her some success.But is there is nothing in her list of jobs that may allow her to claim any accomplihment.Her distorted narrative of "rag to riches" is offensive to voters of district 26. There are now many inj the press and among Democrats that compare her to Sarah Palin. Anyone who has heard her "values speech" when she is totally ignorant of the issues or the answers reminds me more and more of Sarah Palin,a Democratic Sarah Palin.
After serious consideration on who is the best prepared candidate;one who can defeat David Rivera, with enough charisma and capacity to reach all voters, I now give my vote to Gustvo Marin.
I, like most voters, are tired of pre-packaged candidates like Gloria and even Joe.I am also tired that The Herald and many others preempt elections using their criteria to influence voters, generally based on Big money and then complain about excesive money influences over politics and politicians.
I trust that the electorate is mature enough to make the only sensible choice for District 26 by electing Gustavo Marin so we can finally get rid of Rivera, once and for all.


The Miami Herald does not just endorse candidates because they marry millionaires, so lets get real here. She obviously had far more substance and potential than the other two candidates to gain the Herald's endorsement, not to mention the endorsement from the Key West paper as well.
You folks need to stop being so jealous of this woman because she has money. All politicians have money - Romney, Obama, if you don't like candidates who have money you will end up not voting.
The fact is, Roses earned her money. The woman has been working since she was 13 years old. She wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. If you look up her career, you'll see that she rose in the real estate industry on her own merit and ability.
Insulting a candidate now is only going to give fuel to the opposition for the general election. The reality is, the DCCC IS supporting Roses. Roses DID go to school in Miami so she is not an out-of-towner who knows nothing about this community. Roses DOES have the support of intelligent people who have vetted the candidates, i.e. The Miami Herald and Key West Newspaper. Gus Marin is NOT a legitimate candidate and Joe Garcia has already lost two congressional campaigns and has done nothing in two years to make himself into a more viable candidate to beat Rivera nor an individual deserving enough for the honor of holding the House seat. Gloria Romero Roses has proven that she is someone who cares about people, knows how to be successful, and most of all, she is NOT a career politician. The Herald revealed the truth about Roses in her endorsement. Here is what the Herald said:

"Ms. Roses, however, offers the right contrast to stand against an incumbent who has been in the headlines for investigation of his finances.
With vast business experience and community service, she is a fresh face who can attract the independent voters that can make the difference in a district closely divided between Republicans and Democrats. The new redrawn district stretches from the southwest suburbs of Miami-Dade to the Florida Keys.
In a Congress too often at gridlock because of partisan bickering, Ms. Roses would be willing to approach issues based on their merits not solely on party lines.
Smart and engaging, Ms. Roses has well-thought-out policy issues. She is particularly critical of what she calls tax and revenue “giveaways” to oil and pharmaceutical companies and says the federal government must be allowed to negotiate better prices for its drug programs.
Her community activity includes working on housing and workforce committees with the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and helping with Haiti relief efforts.
For U.S. Congress in District 26, Democratic primary, The Herald recommends GLORIA ROMERO ROSES."

That should be the end of this debate. Lets all support the best candidate - Gloria Romero Roses - as she attempts to unseat a very savvy yet much maligned incumbent. The party needs to unite behind Romero Roses in order to take this seat - a seat we haven't had in a very long time.


News flash everyone...

Joe lives in a condo in Miami Beach
Gus Marin is incredibly well off

You don't run for office if you are not. Get over it. I think the fact that the majority of you do not do your own research about the candidates signifies why so many are mis-informed about politics in general.

Why are we playing down success so much anyway? Isn't that what everyone achieves for?

If you were to do your research about the Roses family you would be surprised to know that Mr. Roses actually came from humble means- was a teacher in the public school system and then made it on over to real estate.

Gloria has not stopped working a day in her life for the betterment of her family and EARNED her success.

Let's stop the BS, because frankly it's ridiculous. The nasty comments about this family is absurd and offensive.

Elsa Pardo

I am so glad to hear from voters that are very smart and will vote for Dr. Gustavo Marin. He has a Trainning Plan for young people who get their High School Diplomas or College diplomas, but can't find a job because they lack trainning. There are many jobs available but they are not trainned. Also, he will fight and
protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits for senior ciitizens and disable people.

Jorge Martinez

Without negative COMMENTS that far of help us creates more confusions I would like to share who and why I support for congress. In my opinion the best option for our district 26 is Gustavo Marin, as he is a genuine neighbor who cannot ignore at all our needs because he in his own house and community notice and live the reality of our District 26. Because his roots are tie to our District, he does not need to move from out District to our District 26 to convince the voters to vote for him, Gustavo live inside of our District 26. Gustavo does not tie or compromises his candidacy with big corporations, Gustavo looking for engage in a deep commitment with our District 26 needs. It is truth Gustavo Marin campaign did not has millionaire funds to spend in fancy and expensive TV commercials or Newspaper ads; I ask to anyone who is reading now my comment: what is the benefit to our District 26 with this millionaire advertisements campaign; that money spend in dirty commercials DOES NOT will resolve our problems, this money used in nasty campaigns clearly is showing us that the fight is for the power and personal ego’s to exhibit who can spend more money in attract personal attention, but that money wasted in commercial campaign does not help us for which is important and would be priority such as District’s 26 needs and solution of the legitimacy of our daily problems. I would like to call consciences and invite each of you to vote for who care us Gustavo Marin who is our BEST OPTION!


Do not try to change reality You have to marry a millionaire to be successful, because yours is mine and mine is mine A new gift purchased by the husband to run for the "congress" No need to defend what we already know the way to success "millionaire husband" That was a professor and overnight became a millionaire has to give the recipe, and how to have exploded this fortune? For a moment I think will become of us? She does not care about our needs.


He bought all the props, with campaign contributions to other candidates and even the Miami Herald. It is as false as the photo placed in the Herald. Luckily candidates always lose support.


Last night Romero Roses presented her interest in improving education. Someone should have told her that she will not be able to do much about education in Congress. She should run for school board or Florida legislature in Broward County, where she lives. Congress deals with many other issues but education is left to the States.


I am also a teacher
I would like to know how a teacher can have more than 100 million dollars, without having to do weird things to achieve that wealth.
Now you need your wife is in the Congress to help fill their pockets with government business. The comments you hear are not good.
We leave the thief Rivera and enter something?
You want in our district?
Contracts that are looking for?
You have to prove otherwise, but with no papers with words, this is very strange

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