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Marco Rubio scolds county commissioner who 'disrupted' citizen-service event; Sen. might call cops next time

Senator Marco Rubio's getting sucked into crazy Miami-Dade County politics, it appears, now that County Commissioner Barbara Jordan apparently made a scene during an otherwise run-of-the-mill constituent-outreach effort.

Welcome to Miami:

Friday, July 27, 2012

Commissioner Barbara Jordan
Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners
District 1
Stephen P. Clark Center
111 N.W. 1st Street, Suite 220
Miami, Florida 33128

Dear Commissioner Jordan,

I was deeply troubled after learning about your actions this morning when you disrupted my office’s constituent services “Mobile Office Hours” in Miami Gardens.

You wrongly accused our office of being there for campaign purposes. Furthermore, you told them that “this district” was not represented by me but rather by Senator Bill Nelson. Finally, you told constituents who came for assistance that they should leave and not seek our help.

First, your claim that our “Mobile Office Hours” event was for campaign purposes is absurd. This event was conducted by federal employees of my district office who are legally prohibited from conducting campaign work. Furthermore, all of the forms and paperwork they had at the event were for constituent service. Finally, I am not on the ballot this year, so I am not sure what campaign you were referring to.

Your second claim that the center was not in my “district” is simply ridiculous. I hope you are aware that as one of the state’s two U.S. Senators, I don’t have a district. I represent the entire state, including the people at the center today. It is not in Senator Nelson’s district as you claimed. If you still harbor any doubts, I urge you to call his office. I am sure they will be more than happy to explain these facts to you as well.

Regardless of their party affiliation, race, religion, background or any other defining characteristic, my office is here to serve any and every Floridian who needs assistance. Our office regularly hosts “Mobile Office Hours” throughout the state, enabling constituents who can’t visit our regional offices – usually for health or logistical reasons – to meet with our caseworkers in their neighborhoods and to receive assistance. Your behavior today was an obstacle to helping some people receive assistance with Medicare, veteran’s benefits and IRS tax problems, among other programs.

We will continue holding “Mobile Office Hours” all across the state, anywhere and everywhere our services are needed. That includes within the county commission district which you currently represent.

I expect we will never again face interference from you or anyone else but, if necessary, we will coordinate with local law enforcement to ensure that our ability to serve the people we represent is not hindered in any way.


Marco Rubio


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Bully already and he is not the vp yet!


Ms Jordan is a jerk, she needs to learn civics and the constitution.Her district is the most crime prone in all Miami Dade County.


Myself, having worked for the last Democrat who was easily elected statewide in Florida--granting that Nelson is working on beating Chiles' record--I must say that Senator Rubio and his staff are correct about idiots getting between their Senator and their proper citizens' concerns.
Lawton Chiles would never put up with such screwing around with average citizens' concerns!


Barbara Jordan sounds like an ignorant partisan fool of the kind we need to get rit of FIRST!

Dr. Judy Meissner

Barbara Jordan has been and continues to be an embarrassment to her district, to the County Commission, and to the Democratic Party. Jordan is CORRUPT and a total buffoon at that. She needs to be replaced and Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson is the right woman for the job.

Conservative Kat

It's a about time someone sets the record straight. Ms. Jordan is out of touch but that doesn't surprise anyone at all especially in her district. She needs to focus on the problems plaguing her district and in doing the right thing for all citizens. SHAME on commissioner Jordan. SHAME!


Now if only Sen Rubio wold go after the Big Smelly Fish in DC.

Bi-Partisian Criminals: Paulson and Corzine

"You see, not too long ago, Bloomberg news published an article based on
confidential sources about how Henry Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman
Sachs and the Republican U.S. Treasury secretary during the 2005 financial
crisis, held a closed-door meeting with around 20 hedge-fund managers and
other top Wall Street executives in New York City in late July of that

This was also about two weeks after Henry Paulson testified before
Congress that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were "well-capitalized."

I knew for a fact that what Paulson told Congress wasn't true. In fact, I
wrote my entire June 2008 newsletter detailing exactly why Fannie and
Freddie certainly had billions in losses that they had not yet revealed to
investors $500 billion in losses, at least.

There was no question in my mind, both companies were insolvent
"zeros," as I explained.

And yet, in front of Congress, the U.S. Treasury secretary was saying
exactly the opposite. Either I was a liar... or he was.

It turns out... it wasn't me.

You see... only a few days later... Paulson met behind closed doors with
all the big hedge-fund managers.

What did he tell them?

Apparently, he told them the same thing I had written in my newsletter. He
told them the opposite of what he'd said publicly to Congress.

He told these billionaire investors that Fannie and Freddie were
disasters... They would require an enormous, multibillion-dollar
bailout... The U.S. government would have to take them over... And their
shareholders would be completely wiped out.

Here you had a high-government official, explicitly lying to Congress (and
by extension, the general public), while giving the real facts to a group
of people who represented the financial interests of the world's
wealthiest folks.

Yet the story didn't come to the public's attention for two years.

This was the most outrageous example of graft and corruption I have ever
seen. Certainly, it involves more billions of dollars in misappropriated
value than any other similar story I can recall.

These managers had the risk-free ability to make tens of billions of
dollars, if not hundreds of billions, by using derivatives to capitalize
on what they knew was the imminent collapse of the world's largest
mortgage bank.

Who picked up the tab?

You know perfectly well, the taxpayers.

The Bloomberg story... about a crooked Treasury secretary handing a room
full of crooked billionaires inside information worth billions of
dollars... hardly caused a ripple.

As far as I know, no actions are being planned against Henry Paulson or
any of the hedge-fund managers involved. No other major media outlet
picked up the story. I saw nothing about it from the Department of Justice
or the Securities and Exchange Commission.

What does that say about our country when even the most egregious kind of
corruption â€" involving hundreds of billions of dollars â€" is simply

These rich guys were basically handed billions of dollars by the
government... while the average guy with any money in the market got
totally screwed." stansberryresearch.com

Corzine did his own scam with MF Global and you expect the average citizen
to just keep working and paying taxes when the Elites are rotten? This has
never ended well. You wanted to be the US Senator, Earn your money!

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