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Miami-Dade police launches absentee-ballot fraud probe

Miami-Dade law-enforcement authorities have launched an investigation into potential absentee-ballot fraud connected to next month’s primary election.

Rumors swirled late Wednesday that two women were being questioned by police after being caught with a bundle of absentee ballots in Hialeah, a political hotbed where many elderly residents prefer to vote by mail. But few details were available from police and prosecutors.

State Attorney Katherine Fernández Rundle, herself on the Aug. 14 ballot, issued a statement urging voters to take special care with their ballots. Her statement, regarding “an ongoing investigation of individuals collecting or handling absentee ballots,” noted a county ordinance makes it a misdemeanor for anyone to pick up or return more than two absentee ballots other than their own.

“All of Miami-Dade County’s voters should be very careful with their absentee ballots,” Rundle said. “The ordinance contains very specific language on how absentee ballots are now to be handled.”

The target of the investigation, by the Miami-Dade police public corruption unit, is unclear.

Political Cortadito, a local blog run by former Miami Herald reporter Elaine de Valle, reported that two women were detained by police in Hialeah on Wednesday afternoon with about a dozen absentee ballots. Police and prosecutors declined to confirm or deny the report. More here.


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GOP hates all taxes, except poll taxes

It's amazing that the GOP Legislature sought to ONLY crack down on voter fraud for in-person voting but looked the other way for where it is more prevalent - absentee voting.

Bush v. Gore invoked equal protection because some voters in parts of Florida were being scrutinized differently than voters in other parts of Florida. Couldn't you make the same argument that those who vote in-person are held to a different and much higher standard than those who vote by mail?


Democrats didn't want to look into any Voter Fraud. They'd rather keep busing people from Poll to Poll casting ballots. Their motto is simple: everyone should vote as many times as they can but only for Democrats. Reminds me of Chicago: vote early, vote often.


If Florida truly wanted to crack down on voter fraud, absentee ballot voting would only be allowed for people who were physically incapable of going to a polling place.

And not having transportation wouldn't count.

There is no telling how many votes and elections over many years now have been manipulated by unscrupulous political operatives "helping" lots of folks vote absentee under our way-too-liberal policies.

We have allowed folks to convert turning out the vote into turning in the ballots--and it's wrong.

And some folks wonder why others see us as the Banana Republic of Florida.

Mike Foust

Go to my site to order your absentee ballot, just click on your county!! Adapted from the Department of State's "Find Your Supervisor of Elections" website.

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