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Mitt Romney acting scared regarding Gary Johnson

You probably don’t give a great deal of thought to Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party presidential candidate. Maybe you should. Mitt Romney certainly is.

Romney’s political cronies in Michigan have gotten Johnson kicked off the November ballot there because he was three minutes late in filing some paperwork. With polls indicating the race for Michigan’s 16 votes is a dead heat, Romney’s camp doesn’t want to take any chances that Johnson, a former Republican who served two terms as governor of New Mexico, will siphon off any of his votes.

Romney, however, might not want to start counting his new Libertarian votes yet. Johnson’s lawyers, arguing that one absurd technicality deserves another, say they’ve found a loophole in Michigan law that will keep the Libertarian Party on the ballot if they can just find some other guy named Gary Johnson to take his place.

“And fortunately, I’ve got a pretty common name,” laughs Johnson.

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Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/16/2898206/gary-johnson-its-not-just-a-two.html#storylink=cpy


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John Balzer

There is a considerable voter base that will not ever vote for Romney and certainly not for Obama. Where does that leave them? The answer is Gary Johnson! Romney is right to worry but so too should Obama as Gary Johnson will draw nearly equal votes from both of them. Gary Johnson is polling well for a third party candidate and after he achieves a 15% national recognition, he will be allowed up on the stage with Romney and Obama. When that happens and the American people get to know him, they will embrace him in droves and he will be a real game changer in this election.


Thanks for the article. For info on people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ http://​www.Libertarian-Internation​al.org ...

Maceo Robinson

Romney will not be able to marginalize Gary Johnson. As Gov. Johnson gets more exposure voters will be able to see clearly that he is the candidate they’ve been looking for. Romney and Obama offer the same dearth of solutions on the issues of war, government over-spending, civil liberties, auditing the FED and the war on drugs to name a few. Gary Johnson offers real solutions for these issues based on Libertarian principles. Gary Johnson is the alternative to politics as usual. Gov. Johnson will cut Federal spending by $1.3 trillion, balance the budget, end the war in Afghanistan and close the Federal Reserve.

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