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Obama to Miami anchor: Hugo Chávez has not posed 'serious' national security threat

UPDATE: Read full story here.

Oscar Haza, a well known Miami Spanish-language broadcast journalist and anchor, scored an interview this week in Washington with President Barack Obama in which Obama said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has not posed a "serious" national security threat to the United States.

The full interview aired Tuesday night on A Mano Limpia, Haza's nightly show on WJAN-Channel 41, better known as América TeVe. The show had shown portions of the interview Monday night, with Haza live in D.C., and teased to the president talking about Cuba and Venezuela.

The Dominican-born Haza, who also hosts a daily morning radio show that recently moved to Univisión's WAQI-AM (710), better known as Radio Mambí, said he was one of eight journalists from eight swing states invited to the White House -- the only one from Florida -- to speak to the president and other administration officials as Obama pushed his plan to keep some Bush-era tax cuts but eliminate them for incomes greather than $250,000 a year.

Most noteworthy from Haza's interview with the president -- no surprise here -- were questions on Cuba and Venezuela, key issues for South Florida's Hispanic audience (and voters). "If I don't ask you about Cuba, I can't get back to Miami," Haza quipped, in English, before asking the president about a "perception" that he intends to further embrace relations with Cuba in a potential second term.

Obama said he had been "clear" and "consistent" in his position.

"I believe that there should be a way for us to resolve this 50-year conflict with Cuba, but it involves recognizing liberty and, you know, releasing poltiical prisoners and showing movement inside of Cuba," he said. "We've shown flexibility in remittances and lifting parts of the travel ban for family members, and I think that was the right hting to do. And my hope is that the Cuban government begins to recognize that their system is no longer working."

Haza then mentioned detained American Alan Gross and stepped-up repression on the island.

"We're not going to see big moves or major improvement in the U.S.-Cuba relationship if the Cuban leadership continues to do the same thing over and over again," Obama said.

Then, Haza asked about the alliance between Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and Iran.

"We're always concerned about Iran engaging in destabilizing activity around the globe. But overall my sense is that what Mr. Chávez has done over the last several years has not had a serious national security impact on us," Obama said. "We have to vigilant. My main concern when it comes to Venezuela is having the Venezuelan people have a voice in their affairs, and that you end up ultimately having fair and free elections, which we don't always see."

You can watch Haza's Tuesday night show below. The Obama interview is in English, with Spanish subtitles.


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And Obama's not a liar and a fool?

Happy Chimpy

Kenyan waterhead!


Obama is to the left of Chavez if you have not figured that out.


The media cannot report on the truth anymore and for good reason



he poses a threat to our interests and supports our enemies therefore is a threat. of course he wont attack us we could take him faster than desert storm.

Peter Mandes

All I have to say to you dipshit progressive fools - dont go to Venezuela wearing your CHE t-shirt. You will not live to return to the USA.


So, let's see according to DHS returning vets, and Tea Party members are potential threats, but not Hugo Chavez...F'd up administration. Get 'em all out of here!

Venezuela Scum

Lets see the people laughing and mocking americans leaping to deaths on 9/11. Oh yes the people in venezuela did mock them, and some of you God D*** venezuelans in South florida did too, couple that with Ozzie Guillen and that is what you get from this country of maggots. Too bad chavez did not attack Colombia while uribe was president, lots of red shirted maggots and chavistas would have ended up going home in body bags, thousands of them. You people in south florida must be proud of that cockroach you have managing the marlins

eric h

So Expat makes a very well and thought-out comment that was spot on at every level, couldn't have said it any better myself and following comments are referring to Obama as Kenyan and saying he's more communist than Chavez. I swear a neocons worst enemy, logic and facts. Please all you neocons stop, you all are a dying breed, people are not buying the war propaganda anymore and unless you all step in line with the libertarian youth (18-30)in this country your republican party will be demolished come November. By the way I too loathe Obama (although for factual reasons, not foxnews bs) but I dislike Romney as well.

Venezuela Scum

To Daniel that is fuzzy and happy about being able to go back to Cuba. My guess is that you love bullying non- spanish speaking people passing through calle ocho. Sometimes you Cubans show zero respect for white americans, none, if it wasn't for us, you would be back picking sugar cane and figuring out how to get a second ration coupon book. You know you disrespect us, sometimes we let you too go too far...make sure you take plenty of advil and toilet paper when you go back Daniel. People who do not eat a lot or eat crappy fetid food get a lot of headaches and get the trots a lot too


Well then maybe Obama and his un-American wife should move to Venezala..............traitors


Chavez isn't a threat, and the private sector is doing fine. lol


Do Americans feel good about Venezuela? How can we feel good about a sworn enemy to our country. Chavez is one of the biggest threats to American's feelings.


Now you cowardly wingnuts are worried about an attack by VENEZUELA? Stop watching "Red Dawn" and grow a pair. What's happened to the home of the brave?


But Obama is right. Chavez has not been a threat to his world view. Those two are on the same page politically. Too many people thinks Obama is either naive or misspeaks, not true. He tends to have these unguarded moments of honesty. The guy has to lie to avoid sound bad. Wake up folks.


Iran reportedly is building nukes for Chavez in the jungles of Ven., but it's no big national security concern? Chavez is corrupting every democratic election in the hemisphere with his oil money, from Argentina to Nicaragua, but it's no big security concern? Naive is an understatement.


I guess Chavez doesn't pose a threat to 0bama because he's a frickin' MARXIST too. They BOTH pose a threat to America. IMPEACH 0BAMA.


What about the missile base Iran is building in Venezuela


Is everyone too childish to remember the Cuban missile Crisis? Russia was in cahoots with Castro. So was Castro not a threat?
Now Chavez is doing the same thing, teaming up with a renewed Putin Russia.
Does Prez want another threat to our homeland to scare the US voters?
And why is he courting the New muslim Brotherhood Regime in Egypt and ramping up warships in the arab Gulf to agitate Iran.
This Childish strategy by Bo Regime is like a kid poking a stick at a rattler.


Unfortunately it is the "poor" who have become the GREEDY, LAZY people in our country. They EXPECT everyone else to subsidize them just because they are "poor". Needless to say this is COVETING what OTHERS have without WORKING FOR IT. It is no coincidence that BILLIONAIRES are renouncing their citizenship. They don't want the bills of the "poor". BTW MOST are LIBERAL DEMONCRAPPERS that are renouncing their U.S. citizenship.

Even if you raised taxes on those making OVER 250K, you still would not have enough money to pay off the SPENDING that is growing in leaps and bounds. You might have enough money from the "rich" to pay a few days of INTEREST OFF on our NATIONAL DEBT. When you tax those earning 250K or more, you STOP PRIVATE SECTOR JOB CREATION from SMALL BUSINESS. They will shut down and go offshore. Obama HATES the PRIVATE SECTOR. Obama is you typical CLASS ENVY MARXIST who wants to CONTROL ALL BUSINESS and this is just another tool to CONTROL SMALL BUSINESS - by putting SMALL BUSINESS OUT OF BUSINESS.


Venezuela Scum, gee what a name. Go get some serious help, pal. Try a hospital in Cuba. And you can take the rest of your racist neo-con buddies with you.


Obama is correct. I don't like Obama, but he is right .

Amadinejhed isnt a threat to the US either. Never was.


Barack Obama in which Obama said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has not posed a "serious" national security threat to the United States.
We are somehow supposed to swallow this? I guess Barry does not think that the open borders with Mexico, with the Mexican Drug cartel getting guns from your cronies, Letting Al-Qaeda run free in the US, and not expelling 15 million or more illegal invaders is not a National Security risk either? This President does not care about National security.


You wanna bet that Chavez hasn't posed a national security threat? There were hundreds of airliner flights from Tehran to Caracas where nothing but Iranian elite guards got off the flights and disappeared. Those terrorist soldiers are now pre-positioned both as terror cells in the USA and as 40,000 standing troops in Central America just waiting for orders to attack us. Obama is a blind man who cannot see and he tells no truths. We are in deep kimchi, thanks to Obama and Hugo Chavez!!!


gee everyone is a warmongering as Romney.Chaves has been, and will never be, a threat.Cuba is a mess and they want our life style. Raul is not his brother.now that Fidel is gone..all the Cubans who are here due to the threat of death, ie:wet foot dry foot, can now go home.compared to the Latinos you got it easy.now you back a man whos only use for you, is staff,no insult intended, or disrespect, but its who Romney is. if you want another war.. vote Romney, and we will lose more in one week, than we did, in 12yrs of being in Afghanistan, and Iraq combined.if we decide to go to war with Iran,,thats just a beginning. like killing medicaid TOTALLY... just to protest the ACA? so Fla get ready for packed ERs, if your going to have a baby, go early, so they might get to you, before its born on the floor, of the ER...Chazez and Cuba are not current threats hopefully war is not part of his second term
the only post i see are trolls.


Any (R) re-elected is one step closer to complete total unfix-able country.For every (D) elected=jobs jobs jobs,tax increased on the rich of the rich, and an out right frontal assault, on Wall Street.



doesn't matter even if the unemployment rate was 5%, [what the Jobs Act would have done] and there was peace, in the middle-east,a non-nuclear Iran, no unwarranted forecloses,and no deficit,Obama would still be a pile of crap cause,well so what,, we ran out of labels down to the last, and thats being,[what i will not say im a Vet] no matter what he did do, there will always those who don't care.. get the party back that tanked us, cause that stupid moron could not fix in 4yr, what took 10+ to create..without 127 filibusters,and the GOP House of "NO", Grover OWNS. he could be perfect, and they still disrespect him, more than Nixion.i have not forgotten, where we were 4yrs ago, when his hand went down on the bible, and losing 750,000 jobs a month,, for the next few months.Yes i am better than 4yrs ago. Only under Obama do i trust us as a country grow and re-build this country. for every body.... not just his rich cronies.

.considering Obamas foreign affairs skills i believe him neither Chavez or Castro pose a threat in fact he is trying to help Cuba open up and become part of the current world,and Chavez is a dying dicktator,who wields no power..read this wake up to who is on your side,Obama

Paul Berry

Hugo Chavez has only went to Iran and even Russia speaking against the USA, he has threatened our Past Presidents and America, but obama is just one of the dictators among Chavez and Castro and Hitler, they all begin the same way, promising the poor and women rule, then slowly become the murdering dictator over the poor making them poorer and their nation fall! I pray not, but if obama is re-elected one of his first offers of legislation will be to end term limits for the presidential office as good o boy friend Chavez did and has done! From Hitler to Nero, to Chavez to obama they all get control trying to bribe the poor, and take control over the wealth/rich! For proof our Lord Jesus Christ has had His full of this go to the website now mentioned....

For evidence our Lord Jesus the God of Bush has had enough of the mandasity put forth by obama and any others trying to cause the fall of His nation our Lord Swore would be, go to the website at Adam and Eve seed gathering Ministry and on the prophecy and the signs page { found at yahoo search engine } are the prewritten news events of this day written three years ago and more and are the likes of the Japan quake and tidal wave and the Washington D.C/Virginia Beach Virginia quake { with more now coming to DC/V.Beach } a quake our Lord brought on the same day as the unveiling of the martin luther king statue in DC! With many other signs prelisted that have come and are coming, also go to the site at Adam and Eve in Action blog wherein are undeniable sounding/waking/gathering links pages and films... much respect to All of Adam and Eve/God's seed Deuteronomy 32:8. http://www.adamandeveseedgatheringministry.com/prophecy_and_the_signs read all pages and go to all links to hear the sounding of God Rev:10:7


The conflict with Cuba is not a easy thing to be solved. It just seems that politicians like to talk the talk but no action ever seems to take place to better our country. Obama can say this or that with the issues of Cuba at hand but nothing even gets done. Talk is cheap.


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