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Overbooked? Marco Rubio skips Lincoln Day dinner

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. was listed as an "honored guest" at Saturday night's Lincoln Day fundraiser for the Miami-Dade Republican Party. Nearly 600 people attended the $150-a-person fundraiser, now in its 64th year.

Problem was, Rubio wasn't there, and had plans to be elsewhere. He was a few miles away at Books and Books in Coral Gables, signing copies of his new memoir "An American Son." It was the first leg of a book tour that will take him throughout Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia.

His absence irritated one local Republican, Jack Thompson of Coral Gables.

"I don't understand why Marco Rubio would use his name to get people to come, and then not show up," Thompson said. "Is Marco about Marco? Or is Marco about the Republican Party. What's going on here?"

Rubio appeared in a video message. Rep. Allen West, who's running in a Palm Beach County-based congressional district, was the main speaker. The event also drew Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam.

"It was an extremely successful event and nearly 600 enthusiastic Republicans were in attendance," said Ben Powell, the party chairman. "Senator Rubio was unable to attend the event but it is not unusual for someone of Senator Rubio’s stature to have scheduling conflicts and Miami-Dade Republicans certainly understand that."  

Rubio was the keynote speaker last year, Powell said, and their attendees "were more than pleased with his video address to the gathering" this year.

Rubio's office said the senator had long been committed to book tour events, which were planned to coincide with the Fourth of July congressional recess.


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Big Voice

Personally I feel they got a better deal with West.

Cindy Graves

Slow news day?

Jack Thompson

Look, let me explain something, since I'm the initial source of this story:

Marco Rubio personally committed to be at this event. He did so weeks and weeks earlier.

There were people who attended this event because Rubio promised to be there.

But then along comes Books & Books, which is owned and operated by a liberal Democrat, and Marco Rubio throws this event under the bus so that he can, just a few miles away, sell his books at $27 a pop.

There was no scheduling error. Rubio abandoned the GOP event, and his base, in order to promote himself and his book. There were people at the Lincoln Day Dinner who were sayng, "Why is he not here, when we were told he would be here?" He wasn't on a national book tour that night. He was right here. He could have made his appearance at the 7pm start time for the Dinner and still have made his 7:30pm scheduled start of the book signing. He could have come to the Dinner after the book signing. The event was still going on.

But no, Marco Rubio, who is a shameless self-promoter, put himself ahead of principles (like common courtesy), just as he has in voting for the maintenance of the sugar industry subsidy (see Wall Street Journal indictment of Rubio on that in the last month) and in promoting his own version of The Dream Act, which is a principles-free sell-out on illegal immigration.

This is no conservative. This man doesn't keep even his promises to the conservative base to show up for an event that he had use his name, wrongly, to raise money. I'm glad I found out about this guy at this stage. God help Mitt Romney if he is foolish enough to put him on his, the GOP's, ticket.

Jack Thompson 305-666-4366

Jack Thompson

One more thing, as to the comment above that we "got a better deal with West":

West committed to the event ahead of time, as did Rubio. Both agreed to be there. West, unlike Rubio, kept his commitment. West was fabulous, gave a wonderful speech. It's a shame Rubio didn't hear it.

The invitation to the event, which I and others got, listed Rubio as the "Honored Guest." He agreed to be there, was supposed to be there, had the Party use his name to get people in the door, and then he chose not to show up in order to do another event, personally lucrative to him.

Do you want in the veep slot someone who won't keep even this kind of promise? No thanks, but I thank God for the eye-opening breach of common etiquette. Jack Thompson

joe blow

are these IDIOT Repiggies and Teabaggers FINALLY figuring out there Little Hispanic boy Marco is a FAKE and a FRAUD??????
Little Marco isn't interested in serving the people. He's more interested in $$$$$$$. He's following the Sarah Palin blueprint.
What will he do when Romney doesn't get elected and no one wants to hear his long winded speeches anymore?????
But the Repiggies and Teabaggers will still be STUPID enough to vote for him again even though Little Marco threw them under the bus!!!!!!

eric Sisser

there...at least one Florida Judge who isn't afraid to rule...I guess the presidency is more important than where to privatize prisons

Gail Peterson

All you people being negative about RUBIO, give it up? Could you stop and think for one minute that maybe Marco helping to get Republicans more votes in Florida, Virginia and North Carolina could be just a little more important this year?????

Come on. Get over it.

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