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Pam Bondi splitting time between Tallahassee and Tampa

Attorney General Pam Bondi seems to be everywhere these days — stumping for Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, schmoozing with Rudy Giuliani in Tampa or talking about health care on Fox News.

Everywhere, except Tallahassee.

A rising star in the national Republican Party, Bondi appears to be often working from a Tampa agency field office near her home, according to her official schedule, which was obtained by the Times/Herald via a public record request. When she travels to Tallahassee, it is often for required meetings of the Cabinet and state Clemency Board.

There are no rules precluding the arrangement, and statewide office holders past and present have similarly worked from offices near their primary residence.

Still, Bondi's office would not say which days she is working in Tampa versus in Tallahassee or provide an estimate of the percentage of time she spends in each office. Her official schedule is often vague about her whereabouts.

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Barbara Ruster

"I have always been a strong believer in communicating directly with the Floridians I serve, and I am pleased to provide one more tool that makes connecting with residents even easier," Bondi said in a news release.

Oh sure, she does, that is why she is on Shawn Hannity so much & stumping for Republicans all over the place. I thought she would never investigate the mortgage fraud around the state but she finally did.

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