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'Pink Slip Rick' group goes after Rubio memoir

An interesting UPS delivery to the Times/Herald this morning.

A hard copy of Sen. Marco Rubio's newly released memoir, "An American Son," wrapped in a pink book jacket. The front of the jacket is plastered with Rubio's picture, above the word "TRAITOR."

The attack jacket, which comes as Rubio tours Florida to promote his new book, contains an unflattering picture of a wild-haired pasty-faced Rubio. In English and in Spanish, Rubio is portrayed as a traitor to Hispanics, the middle class, women and seniors.

The "about the author" description rehashes accusations that Rubio took improper contributions during his campaign for U.S. Senate, and that he "billed more than $100,000 in personal expenses such as groceries, minivan repairs and plane tickets for his wife" on the Republican Party of Florida credit card.

The inside cover also points readers to a Rubio attack website, wrongwayrubio.com.

Who is behind the assault?

It's FloridaWatch, a progressive organization that launched the "Pink Slip Rick" and "Pink Slip Mitt" campaigns. The spokesperson didn't immediately answer calls, so it's unclear how many copies of the book went out and to whom.

The organization's website says it's dedicated to defending the progressive movement, and also contains attacks on Gov. Rick Scott and outgoing Chief of Staff Steve MacNamara, who resigned amidst accusations he steered contracts to friends.

The liberal attack group also accuses Scott of losing 331,247 jobs for the state, a claim Politfact rated Pants on Fire.

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Conservative Voice

These are mean hateful people who thrive on publicity. I cannot imagine what their home life is like with all that hate.

Can't take anymore

The poor "conservatives" whine pitifully when a little of the same vitriol they dish out daily comes flying back at them. These days, being a "conservative" means you can tell any lie, make any groundless accusation, commit total slander, totally ignore facts and science to smear one's opponents. Man up, CV. These guys are playing nice compared to your heroes at Faux News, Tub-O-Rush, or that whitless moron Beck.

joe blow

news from Rubio's TEABAGGER headquarters today:
"OH CRAP! Did you guys see the news? There's a new 527 out today that's gonna blow up Marco's campaign for VP"
"SH*T! we thought Marco would cruise to an easy victory because Florida voters are so stupid and Marco is a hispanic. What are we going to do now? How long can he keep making far right wing extremists speeches to NEOCON think tanks or writing goofy books like "Marco Rubio, Anchor Baby"?
"We're going to have to actually go to work for once! Damn those Democrats! We thought this would be as easy as Sarah Palin"!

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